Alpha and Omega Wiki

Humphrey: It's time to ride the slide and taste the wind

Salty: Humphrey, you are totally genius.

Humphrey: Come on. Let's do it.

Humphrey's Little Group: Air wolves!

Humphrey: Guys! Guys! We're not moviiiing!

Kate: This caribou is mine

Lilly: Kate, I'm not a caribou. I'm your sister!

Kate: Gotcha!

Lilly: Ladies don't play like this!

Kate: You can't escape the greatest Alpha ever.

Lilly: Well, I just did

Mooch: Oh, we're gonna die!

Humphrey: Ohhh, Keep it steady! Keep it steady!

What was I thinking?

That was great!

We are flying today, guys.


Kate: Humphrey?

Humphrey: Kate? What are you doing up here?

Kate: I'm practice-hunting for our lunch.

Humphrey: Oh, good, 'cause I'm about to lose mine. [About to throw up]

Kate: You are? Eww!

Humphrey: I'll try to swallow it.

[Kate and Humphrey land on the ground]

Winston: Kate! It's time to go.

Kate: I'm coming, Dad.

Humphrey: Wh-where're you going?

Kate: Alpha school. It goes 'till spring.

Humphrey: Spring? But that's the whole winter away.

Winston: I know you're Kate's friend, Humphrey. But by next spring, she will be a trained Alpha, the future leader of the pack. No doubt you'll be a clever Omega. Learn to keep the peace. And Humphrey, remind us all to have fun.

Humphrey: But... But...

Winston: Alphas and Omegas can't ma... Uh, no. Now, how do you say it? That's our custom. The law of the pack.

Shakey, Salty & Mooch: Wolf pile!

Kate: Silly Omegas.

Humphrey: Hey-hey-hey, whoa-ho-ho!

Take a left! Thirty degrees! Salty, give 'er some sail draft!

Salty: I think I taste the wind. No, just a bug.

Humphrey: Hey, Mooch, get ready! Lower the boom!

Mooch: All right!

Humphrey: Hang 10, boys! Uh, guys... we really need to work on the braaaakes!

Salty, Mooch & Shakey: Brakes?!

Mooch: Wolf pile!

Shakey: Getchyer butt outta my face!

Salty: What did we hit?

Humphrey: Spring!

Woah! Look who's back from Alpha school.

Salty: Forget about it, Humphrey. Kate's an Alpha now. And you're an Omega.

Humphrey: We're friends, okay?

Mooch: Exactly. Just friends. End of story.

Salty: You better set your sights over there.

Reba and Janice, the veggie-tarians.

Humphrey: Ha-ha, Okaayy.

Looks like we're eatin' caribou tonight, boys.

Mooch: Hey. Hey.

Humphrey: Eastern Pack wolves.

Kate: Psst! Candu, Hutch, we've got company.

Mooch: Great. There goes dinner.

Humphrey: And there goes Kate. Holy...

Kate: Caribou! Scatter to the sides!

Humphrey: Look at those moves!

Kate: Oooohhh! Settle the score later.

Humphrey: Whoa!

Hutch: Are you all right?

Kate: Yeah, I'm fine.

Candu: Hey, what's your problem, you stupid Eastern dog? That was our hunt! You can't just snake it out from under us!

Kate: Candu, back off!

Claws: You better listen to the girl.

Kate: Hey, break it up.

Candu, Hutch, break it up!

Humphrey: All right, Omegas, duty calls.

Kate: Stop it. Cando, Hutch, stop! Hey!

Humphrey: Stampede!


Kate: Humphrey?

Cando: I'm still gonna to tear this snaggletooth fool apart!

Humphrey: Guys, lower the boom!

Kate: Humphrey, we don't have time for fun.

Humphrey: Guys, guys, come on.

Don't get your fur in a bunch.

You wolves are making us look bad.

Come on, the caribou are laughing at us.

Oh, now, that's a moon I don't want to howl to.

Winston: Western hunt group, get back to the den! The two of you, go home. NOW! Omegas, good job.

Kate: Great. My first hunt, and I blew it.

Humphrey: Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate.

Don't beat yourself up. That's crazy.

You were amazing.

I mean, if anyone's hungry, they can eat, umm, umm...

They can always eat...

Mooch: What? Here.

Humphrey: They can eat... berries! Berries... are really, uhm, nutritious.

Kate: Yeah. Tell that to a hungry pack.

Winston: The Eastern Wolves ruined Kate's hunt. Luckily, the Omegas were there to break up the fight.

Eve: Lilly.

Lilly: What?

Eve: Very funny. Stop playing with your tail.

Kate, you're slouching. Thank you, honey. You see how strong and beautiful you are?


Any food is a blessing, dear.

Winston? Come join us for dinner? Now! Thank you, honey.

Winston: Scraps and bones is no kind of dinner! Not for my pack.

Kate: I'm sorry, Dad. It's just those Eastern Wolves.

Winston: It's not your fault, Kate. When they crossed into our territory, they broke pack law.

Hutch: Winston. Candu was jumped by a group of Eastern Wolves.

Candu: Ahh, it ain't nothin'!

Eve: Quickly, bring him into the den. Winston, honey, whoever did this, let's rip his tail off and shove it down his throat.

Hutch: Sir, are we just going to let them keep raiding our hunts and...

Winston: Put our Alphas on alert.

Hutch: Already done, sir.

Winston: Good job.

Humphrey: Guys, honestly, caribou is overrated.

Instead, now, keep an open mind,

I just want you to have an open mind here, we bring you... berries.

How 'bout squirrels?

Bad joke.

Flying squirrels.

Tony: Winston!

Winston: Tony! You're looking good.

Tony: My back feels like wood.

I got this disk that keeps cracking.

Drives me crazy.

Winston: Yeah, Tony, you are one crazy wolf.

Tony: Yeah?

Winston: Yeah.

Like that little game of tag during our hunt.

Let's leave the playing to the Omegas.

Tony: You know there's no caribou left in the east!

Winston: You got a problem.

Tony: Unite the packs, Winston.

It was you who gave the big speech that your daughter Kate and my son Garth would marry and unite the packs.

Kate: Huh?

Tony: Garth knows his responsibility. Does Kate?

Winston: Don't worry. She knows.

Tony: Good.

Then she can meet Garth tonight at the moonlight howl.

I won't let my pack starve, Winston.

If we have to, we'll fight for the valley.

Winston: That would be a big mistake.

Hey. It's uhh...

Kate: It's okay, Dad. I understand. It's... It's my responsibility.

Humphrey: Guys, we've got to get ready for the moonlight howl.

Guys, girls!

Mooch: Girls.

Humphrey: You are cool.

So, let me go ahead...

Prepare the girls for your arrival

and you guys meet me there.

Salty: Game on.

Mooch: Girls.

Eve: Oh, Kate, you look so beautiful.

Now, if Garth gets out of line,

take those beautiful teeth of yours,

go for the throat, and don't let go

until the body stops shaking.

Winston: If my little girl doesn't want to do this, if she's not ready...

Kate: Don't worry, Dad. I'm ready.

Come on, Lilly.

Lilly: Okay. Okay.

Sweets: Your fur... It looks fantastic tonight.

Candy: Oh, my gosh. I had...

Shakey: Omega alert.

Salty: I will handle this.

Candy: It totally relaxes the knots.

Salty: Hey.


That's all I've got.

Wow. This is a new feeling.

Humphrey: I saw the whole thing, guys. And I cannot believe they didn't just fall all over you.

When you yelled, "Hey," Oh, I thought you cinched it right there.

Salty: So, you think you can do better?

Humphrey: Oh, please. The next girl that comes up the hill, she's mine.

Salty: I've never seen her look that good.

Kate is hot.

Humphrey: I'll be right back.

Mooch: Hey!

Salty: Whoaaa!

Where do you think you're going?

Shakey: Humphrey, you know the rules.

You're not allowed to howl with her.

She's an Alpha.

Mooch: We can eat together.

Shakey: But we can't, you know... howl together.

Humphrey: Guys, I know. I... I was just... Kidding.

Salty: Cheer up, buddy. You still got us.

Shakey: Friends for life!

Mooch: Omegas!

Salty: Whoa. Ugly.

Lilly: So, do you see Garth?

Humphrey: Great.

Kate: I'm not even sure what he looks like. But I'm sure...

We'll know him when we see him.

Garth: Hey, hey, hey, Kate.

Humphrey: What?!

Kate: Garth.

Lilly: Wow!

Kate: Lilly, stand up.

Garth, hello. Good to see you.

Kate: Humphrey?

Humphrey: My butt! My butt.

Wow, that really hurts.

You should really do something about that cough.

Be careful, Kate.

There's something going around.

Tails and ears are falling off, literally.

Name's Humphrey.

Garth: Garth.

Humphrey: Wow. You are a... You are a big one, aren't you?

Wow. You're practically a moose. Where you hiding them antlers?

Garth: Who's the coyote?

Humphrey: Who's the coyote? I get it. That's good, 'cause I'm, like...

Kate: No one important.

Lilly, why don't you take little coyote Humphrey and run along?

Lilly: Come on, Humphrey.

Let's go eat some of those bitter berries.

Kate: So, tell me about yourself.

What does Garth like to do?

Garth: Well, uhhh... I'm really into fitness, you know?

Rabbit sprints, tree squats.

You know us Alphas, gotta keep fit

to lead the pack.

But, uh, what really gets me going is...

Was it, uh, good for you?

Kate: Unbelievable.

You know...

I just... Just... Hold on a sec 'cause I'm going to be right back.

I... I need some water. Some water. Okay?

So, I'll... Just... Hold on.

Garth: Ah, n-n-n-no worries.

I'll just, ah, keep my vocal chords warm!

Kate: Uh, yeah.

Humphrey: "Oh, he's no one important."

"Just take little coyote Humphrey and run along."


Humphrey: Where's Barf?

Kate: It's Garth. And we're just taking a little break.

Humphrey: A break?

Kate: What? Is that so strange?

Humphrey: No. No, no, no, no. Are you kidding?

I always like to take a break...

10 minutes into a howl.

Kate: Well, I do.

Humphrey: Your howling partner, he's not a... He's not a stud. Not a stud but, like, it's like "stud" but... A dud! A dud. That's it. Isn't he?

Kate: Pshhhh! No.

He is not a dud.

In fact, Hum-phrey, you'd be surprised to find that he is uh, eh, uh-hum...

Humphrey: Strong!

Kate: Yes. Yes! Strong! And he's... He's, uh...

Humphrey: Proud!

Kate: Yes! Yes.

Proud. And he's...

What's the word I'm looking for? Uhh.. .

Humphrey: An Alpha's Alpha.

Kate: That is right! He is an Alpha's Alpha.

Oohhh, you make me so mad!

Humphrey: Hey, I was just kidding.

Kate: Huh! You're kinda cute.

Humphrey: Really? You think... So, wow. Okay. Cute.

Yeah. That's... Look...

Thank you, first of all, but do you mean "Cute" in, like, a rugged, kind of handsomely "Cute"?

Ow! Again with the butt!

These mosquitoes are out of control.

Kate: I'll meet you on Mars, right after I eat the Milky Way.

Humphrey: Oh, that sounds good.

Save some for me.

Ranger 1: Bag 'em up, boys. We're goin' to Idaho.

Ranger 2: You got it, chief.

Ranger 3: Okay. Here we go. Watch out there.

Garth: Kate?

Kate: Ahh! Where am I? Ow!


Is that you?

Humphrey: Kate! Where are we?

Kate: I don't know.

Humphrey: Maybe we're dead.

Nope. Definitely not dead.

At least they left us some water.

Kate: Uhhh! You got water?

Humphrey: Nope. Definitely not water!

Kate, what are you doing?

Kate: Trying to get out.

Humphrey: Calm down.

Listen, maybe they're taking us

to where there's more food.

Kate: Or maybe we ARE the food.

Humphrey: Kate, you're right. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.


Ranger 1: All right. Set 'em free.

Whoo-hoo! Look at 'em go.

Kate: Wow.

This isn't Jasper.

Humphrey: Yeah, but it sure does... Rock!

Kate: Quick, get down!

What are they doing?

Paddy: What a smashingly brilliant story this is

The golfing goose from the low regions

of the Arctic Circle is leading the pack.

Porcupine: He's using the wrong club.

Paddy: Um, could you do me a favor, Needles, and shut the hole that makes the words?

Humphrey: Looks like they're playing

some sort of weird game.

Kate: Maybe they can tell us how to get home.

Humphrey: Yeah. And if they can't, we can eat 'em.

Kate: Yeah. Follow my lead.

Humphrey: Yeah, I'm right behind you.

Marcel: Now you will see, this shot is mine.

Paddy: Splendid! Wonderful hit, sir.

Lady in outhouse: Just a minute!

Porcupines: Duck!

Paddy: What?! It's ugly, but a good runner.

Marcel: Did you see that? Did you see that?

Paddy: I guess the birdie ruined your Birdie.

Marcel: You mark it "Birdie" because it would have gone in.

Paddy: Technically, sir, it MIGHT have gone in.

Marcel: That silly bird

stopped my shot from going in.

So, I will not take an extra stroke.

Mark it Birdie!

Paddy: Well, it... It was an obstacle.

And everyone has to play

with the obstacles.

You know, we wouldn't want to lie.

Marcel: This is not a lie.

This is not a lie if you are French.

Paddy: Well, French-Canadian. There's a slash, a hyphen, in between there.

Marcel: I say French.

Paddy: Canadian.

Marcel: French.

Paddy: Canadian.

Marcel: French!

Paddy: Canadian, sir.

May I just say, though, that you are a wonderful golfer.

Marcel: Ah, ha ha, merci! And you are a very good caddie.

Paddy: T-t-t-take off!

Marcel: Paddy, what is wrong with you?

Ah, hello.

You are two wolves.

I have not seen many wolves in these parts.

But I am not afraid of wolves. No.

I like wolves.

Humphrey: Good. 'Cause we just want to ask you a few questions.

Marcel: Ah, yes. Quick! Look behind you!

Kate: Grab him!

Marcel: So, you want to face the French Resistance?

Paddy: That's French-Canadian!

Humphrey: My butt! My butt! My butt!

Kate: Omegas.

Marcel: This is not a game anymore!

Humphrey: Don't you wash your feet?

Paddy: Look out for the pine trees!

Marcel: Watch that.

Paddy: Nice turn, sir.

Paddy: Nice one, sir.

Humphrey: Gotcha.

Oh, no.

Paddy: That's got to hurt.

Marcel: How do you like it now, wolf?

Paddy: Hole in one, sir.

Marcel: You have bit off more than you can chew this time, my friend.

Humphrey: Helllllp!

Paddy: My goodness. I... Look out for the...

Humphrey: Oh, no. No. No. No. No.

Paddy: Oh, he's a goner for sure.

Humphrey: Wait, what are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

Oh, hey, Frank.

Marcel: Okay. You have a question?

Kate: Yeah. Where are we?

[timeskip as Kate and Humphrey are in front of a sign]

Kate: Idaho?

Humphrey: Ida-who?

Marcel: Oui, Idaho, land of mountains, rivers, lakes, and a few billion potatoes.

Paddy: The Sawtooth National Wilderness.

Kate: What are we doing in Idaho?

Paddy: You were relocated to, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, repopulate.

Kate: [Gasps in shock and sees that Humphrey's jaw is wide open and she closes it]

Marcel: They want you big wolves to make a lot of little wolves.

Humphrey: Sounds good to me. Park shouldn't be without some wolves. I mean, only for the good of the park.

Paddy: So you two are undomesticated partners?

Marcel: Paddy, please. Don't be rude.

So, you two are boyfriend and girlfriend?

You are an item?

Humphrey: Well...

Kate: No.

Marcel: You wolves, you are funny.

Kate: We have to get home now.

There's going to be trouble if I don't get back to Jasper.

Humphrey: Right. All right. You're freaking out.

Kate: I'm not freaking out.

I just have to get home.

Humphrey: Is this about Barf?

Kate: It's Garth.

And it's about responsibilities.

So, I don't expect you to understand.

Can you help me?

I need to get home fast.

Marcel: All right, Miss Fast.

Where is home sweet home?

Kate: Jasper Park, Canada.

Marcel: Jasper park? Get out of here. We love Jasper Park!

Paddy: Yes, yes. We've toured it many times.

Marcel: Paddy, please. We've toured it many times.

Paddy: I dated a Pintail from Jasper once.

She never stopped quacking. Drove me nuts.

Marcel: Drove her right to me. Bound to happen. Bound to happen.

Kate: So, you can help me, then, get home.

Paddy: We haven't played Jasper in quite a while. I think it would be a smashing idea.

Marcel: This is true. So, of course I will help. I like you two. You make me laugh. And you didn't eat me, so I owe you favor.

Tony: Where did she go?

Winston: Maybe I should ask you.

Tony: You know that's not my style.

Winston: My wolf, Candu, knows your style.

Eve: I just want to say one thing. If any of you wolves have hurt my daughter,

I will personally rip out your eyes

and shove them down your throat,

so you can see my claws


Lilly: Umm, Mom?

Eve: Not now, dear. Mommy's in a rage.

Lilly: Well... well, since Kate stood up Garth,

I could show him around until she gets back.

Garth: I wouldn't say "Stood up."

Eve: Garth!

Garth: (gulp) Sounds good to me.

Lilly: Well, come on, Garth.

Eve: Isn't that sweet? She gets it from me.

Tony: I'll give her 'till the full moon.

Radio announcer: It is beautiful out there.

Almost makes you want to hit the potato patch.

If you haven't already hit the outdoors, get on out your door.

The weather today is...

Marcel: Your ride home.

Quick! Get in!

Humphrey: Huh? What? Boxed up twice in one day. What are the odds?

Marcel: Hide!

Paddy: Hide!

Paddy: That right there, is Garn and Debbie Theocarcus.

Marcel: Lucky for you, they travel every year to Jasper right after Sawtooth.

Garn: The day's looking pretty, and so's my woman.

Debbie: Oh. This is the song we met to.

Garn: Come here, you. Let's dance.

Paddy: Down here.

Humphrey: Hurry.

Marcel: Now, he was in a motorcycle gang, and she was a librarian, and

Paddy: Exact opposites attract, if you will.

Marcel: Exactly. In this case, it was a bookstore that also sold beer. So, they met.

Kate: Come on. We have to get in.

Garn: All right. Here we go.

Debbie: You're just a dream. I'm like a little bunny. Aren't I, dear?

Garn: I love you, Deb.

Debbie: I love you, too.

Humphrey: Heh, heh.

Kate: Uh-uh.

Marcel: Get inside now. Get inside. Quick.

Humphrey: Oh, well, back in a box.

Paddy: Good luck, you two!

Marcel: We will be watching out for you from above!

Paddy: Well, I'll be watching out for you. He will be breathing heavily.

Nightmare echoing in Kate's mind: If we have to, we'll fight for the valley.

Kate: Humphrey?

Humphrey: Ha-ha! Whooo!

Garth: So, why is this called Rabbit Poo Mountain?

Lilly: Because this is where rabbits like to poo.

Garth: Uh, uh, ahh, ahh, oooh!

Lilly: I was just kidding.

Garth: Oh, ho, ho. I get it. You're a funny Omega.

Lilly: Uh-hmm.

Garth: Okay, make me laugh.

Lilly: Uhmm, uhmm. What am I?

Garth: Uhhh, y' got me.

Lilly: It's a turtle that fell and can't get up.

Garth: That's pretty good.

Lilly: Okay. What's this?

It's turtle road kill.

Garth: Ah-ha-ha-ha. What else can you do?

Lilly: I just do turtles.

Garth: Okay, it's my turn. You want to see something an Alpha can do?

Lilly: Uhhh... Would my mother approve?

Garth: Of course.

Lilly: Well, okay then.

Hutch: Keep searching. We must find her before tomorrow night.

Eve: Winston?

Winston: Don't worry, Eve. She's the finest Alpha I've trained.

Eve: I'm not, Winston. She's also the finest Alpha I've ever trained.

Kate: We stopped. What's wrong with you?

Humphrey: I have to go.

Kate: You can't leave. Can't you hold it?

Humphrey: No! I can't.

Kate: Well, did you try crossing your legs?

Humphrey: Yes!

Kate: Holding your breath?

Humphrey: Yes! I almost passed out.

Kate: Closing your eyes and...

Humphrey: In or out, I am going.

Kate: Would you hurry?

Humphrey: Da-da-da-da-da! I can't go when I feel pressured.

Kate: Go!

Kate: What is he doing?!

Humphrey: Geeze, the packaging's wolf-proof.

Kate: Where is he? Come on, Humphrey.

Store owner 1: It's a rabid wolf! Max, bring that gun!

Max: This is it for you, wolf. Any last wishes?

Store owner 1: Max, they're getting away!

Max: Not if I can help it.

Kate: No!

Humphrey: We're trapped.

Max: I got you both now.

Store owner 1: Shoot 'em!

Oh, nicely done, Max.

Humphrey: Okay.

Thinking with my belly instead of my head, not a good idea. I get it. I say we build a comfy den...

Kate: I'm going home.

Humphrey: Great. You're going home, and it's raining.

Kate: I'm not stopping.

Humphrey: Rain, rain, go away! Get out of here, rain! No one wants you around

Kate: What are you doing?

Humphrey: It's... It's a rain dance, to stop it from raining. Duh! 'Cause you're wet, And you really are going to ruin our day!

Kate: Humphrey, rain dances make it rain.

Humphrey: Right! Well, uh, I'll just do it backwards. Huh. That actually worked.


That's not a good idea.

Hold on, Kate! Yipe!

Kate: No!

Humphrey: Hold on, Kate! I'm coming! Ah, lemme think. Lemme think. Hey!

Kate: Humphrey!

Humphrey: ("Tarzan" yell through clenched teeth)

Humphrey: Whoah-oh-oh, uhhh, ah! Don't worry, Kate. It's all part of the plan.

Kate: I can see that.

Humphrey: Kate. Kate! Grab my tail.

Kate: Grab your what?

Humphrey: Take those Alpha jaws and grab...

Kate: [Bites Humphrey's tail]

Humphrey: Owww, my tail! My tail. Kate, wiggle. Wiggle around.

That tickles. Oh, my tail hurts!

Ha, ha, ha! Oh, who knew I was ticklish there?

I can't take any more.

Kate: Oh, No My gosh. Humphrey! Humphrey!

Uh! Aaaaah!

Your tail. I'm so sorry.

Humphrey: My tail's actually fine.

Kate: Aaaaah!

Humphrey: Last time I checked.

Come on. Let's get out of the rain.

Kate: Okay. Thank you.

Hutch: Sir, we've searched the entire territory. Still no sign of Kate. Sir?

Winston: We must defend our territory.

Marcel: [offscreen] Fore!

[both Kate and Humphrey get up and Kate opens her eyes in shock that her nose is touching Humphrey's]

Marcel: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Paddy: I'd say, we've caught them at quite the bad time.

[Kate walks out as her tail brushes Humphrey's face]

Marcel: No, I'd say we caught them at a good time.

Paddy: Indeed, sir. Indeed.

Kate: What are you doing here?

Marcel: No, the question is what are you doing here? I give you a first class ticket home...

Paddy: It's a straight shot right to the pin.

Marcel: And you blow it?

Humphrey: Yep. Over a cupcake.

Marcel: Ridiculous dessert. "Cupcake."

Paddy: Actually, they're quite delicious.

Kate: There has to be another way for us to get to Jasper.

Marcel: Another way? Another way? Always another way. What am I, a travel agent?

Humphrey: Come on. What, are you kidding me? A great sportsman like yourself always knows a few ways to win the game.

Marcel: Well, there could be a train.

Paddy: Actually, there is a train. It's the Canadian Express and...

Marcel: Paddy, please. It's called the Canadian Express...

Paddy: Yes, and it shoots right by Jasper Park.

Marcel: Right by Jasper Park. If you can catch it...

Paddy: You'll be home in no time.

Marcel: No time. Very fast.

Kate: Great. So where do we board?

Marcel: Where do you board? Watch this.

Paddy: On the other side of that mountain.

Marcel: Paddy, please.

Kate: Come on!

Paddy: Let it slip, but may I say, that was a stupendous shot.

Marcel: You may, and it was pretty good, wasn't it?

Paddy: Indeed, sir. Indeed.

Lilly: Wow.

Garth: Viola! Dinner for two. It's a new move I've been working on for stalking prey.

Lilly: You're good.

Garth: Thanks. Now you try.

Lilly: No. I... I'm not much of a hunter.

Garth: Come on. You'll do great. Just do what I do.

Lilly: Okay.

Garth: Ready? One.

Lilly: One.

Garth: Two.

Lilly: Two.

Garth: Three!



A turtle, right?

Lilly: I told you, I don't hunt.

Garth: Maybe this will help. [moves Lilly's hair] Wow.

Lilly: "Wow" what?

Garth: Your eyes. They're beautiful.

Lilly: Oh! Uhh.

Garth: Come on. Let's try again.

Humphrey: It sure is pretty up here.

Kate: Yeah. I'll race you to the top.

Humphrey: You're on.

Kate: Give it up, Humphrey! You'll never beat me. Humphrey?

Humphrey: Ha! Ha, ha, ha! Omega one, Alpha zero!

Kate: Huh.

Okay! Okay!

Enough, enough! Stop! Stop! I get it. I get it. I get it.

Kate: How's that for a girl's throw?

Humphrey: Very funny. Well, look who's having fun.

Kate: You know, I should go check on the train.

Humphrey: Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait. Oh, hey there.

Bear cub: Wow. What are you?

Humphrey: Well, I'm a wolf.

Bear cub: I've never seen a wolf. You are really strange.

Humphrey: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. Am I now?

Bear cub: You're totally weird.

Humphrey: I'm going to get you!

No. Look out! Look out!

Okay, you asked for it.

Bear cub: [starts crying]

No, no, no. It's okay. It's okay.

I'm really sorry.

Oh, poo.


Mad bear.

Kate! Get the snowballs ready!

Mad bear on the attack!

Kate: The Canadian Express! Humphrey, the train is coming!

Humphrey: Kate!

Kate: Humphrey? What's wrong with you?

Humphrey: That!

Kate: Don't move. We can handle this.

Humphrey: We can?

Kate: Okay, we're in trouble.

Humphrey: Hey, guys! You guys like jokes? Good.

So, okay. So two bears are eating a clown, and, and one of the bears says, "Does this taste funny to you?"

A simple Boo would have sufficed. Oh, man.

Watch this. One more. One more. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Get up. Kate, get up.

Marcel: Where are those two? Why must they make this so difficult?

Paddy: I believe the term is "high maintenance couple," sir.

Humphrey: Uh, stuck between the cliffs and the claws. This isn't good.

Kate: Good luck joking your way out of this one.

Humphrey: What's your name, sir? Growl. All right.

Do you, do you need a hug?

Why don't we talk? Can we just talk?

Good talk!

Ha, ha, ha! Hey, need a ride?

Jump! Trust me!

I told you, you could trust me.

Hang a left!

Ah, ha, ha! Go right!

Why are you looking at me like that?

Marcel: Unbelievable. They have missed the train.

[Kate and Humphrey land inside the train cart]

Paddy: Or not.

Humphrey: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Garth: Ahhhhooohh-hoo-hoo-hoo-oooh!

Lilly: Oooh...

Garth: I know. It's not very good, is it?

Lilly: Well...

Humphrey: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That was so awesome. You with the snowballs.

Kate: And you with that little bear in that snowball fight. It was so cute.

Humphrey: Oh, man! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Kate: But then you with the log!

Humphrey: The look on your face was so good. And then we...

Both: Whoaaaaah!

Humphrey: You know, we make a pretty good team. Kate and Humphrey, world adventurers! What do you think?

Kate: I think you're crazy.

Humphrey: You think I'm... Oh, no, I'm telling you, we're onto something here. Stick with me, pup. We'll go places. [winks at Kate]

Kate: Ha! Well, I'll keep that in mind.

Lilly: All right. Take a deep breath. [Garth takes a deep breath] Howl from right here. [puts her paw on Garth's chest where the heart is located] And I'll join in.

[Meanwhile at the train as Humphrey is howling at the moon]

Kate: Humphrey, what are you doing?

Humphrey: I'm sorry. The moon, the moment. I just thought... Come on, Kate. Howl at the moon with me.

Lilly: See? That's so good.

Garth: Oh, no. You better go.

Lilly: But no one has to know.

Garth: Please. Go, now.

Lilly: Oh, no!

Garth: Dad.

Tony: Howling with an Omega, are we?

Garth: I, I was just...

Tony: Get with the others!

Garth: What's going on?

Tony: We're going to take the valley, and our caribou.

Lilly: Dad!

Winston: Lilly, what's wrong?

Lilly: The Eastern Wolves. They're coming!

Winston: Come on!

Humphrey: Just do it. She howled at the moon with you. That was just the moment.

Marcel: Bonjour my furry friend.

Humphrey: Huh? Huh? What? Are you guys crazy?

Paddy: That's up for debate.

Marcel: And where is... [sees Kate asleep] Mademoiselle.

Humphrey: She's sleeping, so be quiet.

Marcel: Yes. Quiet.

Humphrey: What are you guys doing here?

Paddy: Making sure that you don't forget the run of the course.

Marcel: Jasper Park, it is a few miles up. Do not miss it.

Humphrey: Jasper, few miles, got it.

Marcel: Good

Paddy: I've got to say, your girlfriend looks quite pretty when she sleeps.

Humphrey: She's not my girlfriend.

Marcel: You should work on that.

Tony: It's the full moon, Winston.

Winston: I can see that, Tony.

Tony: I didn't want it to come to this.

Winston: But here we are.

Reba and Janice: Stop the insanity! Go organic! Stop the insanity! Go organic! Stop the insanity! Go organic!

Shakey: Oh, yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Humphrey: Kate. Kate, wake up. Wake up.

Kate: Humphrey? Where are we?

Humphrey: We're... We're in Jasper.

Kate: Well, we're home.

Humphrey: Yup. We're home.

Kate and Humphrey: There's something...

Humphrey: Please, you first.

Kate: Humphrey, I just wanted to tell you, these past couple of days, they've been, kind of, fun. You've been, kind of, fun.

Humphrey: Really?

Kate: Really.

Humphrey: Well, that's... That's great. I told you, we make a pretty good team.

Kate: We do.

Humphrey: Okay. Well...

Kate: No, no, no. Don't tell me. You have to go to the bathroom again.

Humphrey: Why, do you see a truck stop? Heh, heh, heh. I just wanted to tell you I... I... I... I just wanted to tell you...

Kate: No.

Humphrey: I... I love... Oh, geez.

Tony: All l asked was for you to follow our customs, unite the packs. But, no. Your daughter had to up and run away.

Kate: I didn't run away!

Winston: Kate!

Lilly: She's back!

Eve: We were so worried.

Winston: Where have you been?

Kate: In Idaho.

Winston: Idaho? What were you doing in ldaho?

Kate: We were taken by humans to another park.

Humphrey: We were supposed to repopulate.

Eve: [assumes they did it and tries to kill Humphrey]

Kate: No, no, no. Mom. We didn't repopulate. Humphrey actually helped me get home.

Eve: [pretends she didn't kill Humphrey as she hugs him with a smile] What a nice boy.

Kate: I came back...

Tony: You came back to marry Garth.

Kate: Yes. And unite the packs!

Mooch: Good for the pack, good for the belly.

Humphrey: Marry? You're getting married?

Kate: Yes. Isn't it great? No more fighting during hunts. No more scraps and bones at dinnertime. We're going to unite the packs.

Salty: Welcome back, Humphrey.

Shakey: Good job bringing her home.

[the next morning at Kate's den as she is preparing for her wedding]

Kate: Wow. It's a big crowd.

Lilly: [brushing Kate's tail with a pine cone in her mouth] Yeah. Good times.

Kate: So I heard you and Garth spent some time together. [Lilly reacted with a quick brush that hurt Kate's tail]

Oww! Lilly!

Lilly: Sorry.

Kate: I'm sure he's perfect marrying material.

Lilly: [growls and breaks the pine cone with her jaw] Well, if you like that sort of thing, big, brawny, and perfect.

Kate: Lilly, you're wearing your fur back.

Lilly: Sorry. I know.

Kate: But, I liked it.

Paddy: Right on the pin.

Kate: Marcel! Paddy!

Marcel: When it comes to hugs, we are all French, eh, Paddy?

Paddy: Well, I'm English, so we don't hug! [gets a tight hug from Kate] But for a first, I'd say that was a good one.

Kate: I'm so happy to see you two.

Paddy: We flew in to see that you made it home.

Marcel: And what do we find? Voila!

Marcel and Paddy: You're getting married!

Kate: Yeah. I'm getting married. Who told you?

Humphrey: I did.

Kate: Humphrey.

Paddy: We should be going.

Marcel: Yes, yes.

Humphrey: Excuse me. A flea. [scratches himself and pulls out a flower like a magician] Here's a little something for your big day.

Kate: Thank you.

Humphrey: Just wanted to say good-bye.

Kate: Good-bye?

Humphrey: Yeah. I'm thinking about doing a little traveling, you know, seeing where the train takes me. And maybe I'll visit our friends the bears. [imitates a bear] Our old buddies, see how they're doing. I'll tell them you said hi.

Kate: Wait. But you're leaving Jasper?

Humphrey: Yeah. You know, it's a lone wolf thing.

Kate: I know Humphrey, the fun-loving Omega, not Humphrey, the lone wolf.

Humphrey: So l'll be a fun-loving lone wolf.

Kate: I don't doubt that.

Paddy: You know, Marcel, I am a stickler for tradition, but this one, I just don't understand.

Marcel: These wolves are mysterious creatures.

Winston: Tony.

Garth: So... Are you ready?

Kate: Yes.

Garth: Good.

Kate: Are you okay?

Garth: Ah-ha. You bet.

No problems on this end.

Ready to go, go, go.

So, you want to start this thing or me?

Kate: We'll start together.

Garth: Start together. Yeah.

Salty: So, what's happenin'?

Shakey: They're accepting each other's scent. And now, the nibble on the ears.

Humphrey: Do you think I can make it?

Paddy: Yes, sir, and just as you hit the tracks, you should see an open train car.

Marcel: Well, avoid truck stops, bears, and that hideous dessert. What is it called?

Paddy: Cupcakes, sir.

Marcel: Yes. Cupcakes.

Humphrey: I will. Thanks, guys.

Paddy: You know, you shouldn't be so judgmental about cupcakes. They really are quite delicious.

Marcel: I wouldn't know.

Shakey: And finally, they will rub noses to symbolize that they are mates!

Garth: Kate, what are you doing?

Kate: I... I can't.

Garth: [reacts happy] You can't! [pretends to be surprised] I mean, you can't?

Tony: What is this, Winston? Why can't she marry Garth?

Winston: Quiet!

Kate, Kate. Why can't you marry Garth?

Kate: Because I, ah-ha, I uh... I fell in love with an Omega.

Winston: An Omega?

Eve: [faints]

Salty: Humphrey? That sly dog! Ha, ha!

[meanwhile as Humphrey is running to the train and visiulizes him and Kate on it and jumps]

Tony: Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! An Alpha in love with an Omega. That's against pack law.

Garth: Dad. I also am in love with an Omega.

Lilly: (gasp) Oh...

Tony: What? What have you done to my son, Winston?

Winston: An Omega and an Alpha? An Alpha and an Omega? Eve, help me out.

Eve: [about to talk but faints again]

Tony: This is madness. This isn't our custom. This isn't our way. Take the valley!

Shakey: I just love weddings!

Kate: Stampede! Stampede!

Winston: Everyone, run! Run!

Tony: To the sides of the valley! Aaahhh! It's that darn disk in my back. Aaahhh!

Winston: Come on!

Kate: No! They're trapped! Humphrey!

Humphrey: Kate!

Kate: We have to help them!

Humphrey: Look!

Winston: Faster, Tony! Faster!

Humphrey: Go left! Roll right! Oh, you're gettin' good at this.

Kate: I had a good teacher. They're too far ahead. We'll never make it.

Humphrey: Hold on.

Winston: Look!

Humphrey: World adventurers.

Kate: I told you we make a good team.

Humphrey: Did you say that? I thought I said that.


Kate. Kate.

Please, Kate.

Please, you can't do this.

I love you. [howls]

Winston: [sits next to Humphrey and howl]

[many wolves start howling with Tony being the last and then a sunlight shines over the wolves and Kate starts waking up]

Humphrey: Kate!

Kate: [wakes up] Unnn... Humphrey?

Humphrey: I thought I'd lost you.

Kate: Is everyone staring at us?

Humphrey: Well, no, not... Not every... Well, yeah. Now they are.

Kate: Ohhh, darn. 'Cause I wanted to tell you something. [whispers in Humphrey's ear]

Humphrey: What? Really?

Kate: Uh-huh.

Humphrey: Okay. Well, I wanted to tell you something, too. [whispers at Kate's ear as she laughs and wags her tail]

Winston: Maybe this can work.

[Tony was about to object but sees Eve growling furiously behind him]

Tony: All right.

Lilly: Garth! [tackles Garth and they rub noses]

Winston: Tony, what do two old wolves do after they retire?

Marcel: Gentlemen, may I introduce you to golf? Fore!

Shakey: Yeah, yeah. Oh, that's good.

Winston: Come on, honey. Let's show 'em how it's done.

You ready to shake your tail?

Lilly: Now, that's a howl.

Humphrey: Are you ready?

Kate: Oh, yeah. Ready.