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Alpha and Omega: The Video Game, is a video game released by Storm City Games. The video game is based on the 2010 Film of the same name. However, while the film became massively popular with fans and audiences upon its release, the game kind of faded into obscurity, due to the mostly poor reviews it received from the fandom.


There are a total of four mini-games:



In this mini-game, you will play as Humphrey (later accompanied by Kate) and race to the finish line on a log. You have to Sled to the finish line and complete objectives including: Beat the Clock, Do a (double) flip, Collect "X" cupcakes and Beat your Friend. You get three lives, falling off the log causes you to lose lives whilst for every ten cupcakes collected,you gain one  life. There are three courses you can select, "Omega Slopes", "Bear Mountain" and "Rescue Hills". These courses are available to play in Free-Play once you unlock them in Story Mode. There are 10 levels for each course. You play by holding the "A" button to accelerate and using the arrow buttons to keep your balance.


  • Crash and Loop ~ do a loop off of an obstacle
  • Lives ~ earn 9 lives
  • Speed Sled ~ reach maximum sled speed
  • Triple Loop ~ do a triple loop


You play as Marcel golfing. You bounce the ball off obstacles and collect all of the cupcakes for bonus points whilst trying to avoid hazards such as water, wood-peckers, gophers and inclines. There are four courses you can select. The four courses are  "Saw Tooth Park", "The Woods", "Jasper Park" and one "Bonus Course". These courses are available to play in Free-Play once you unlock them in Story Mode. There are 9 levels for each course. You play by moving the stylus in the direction that you would like the ball to go. The mini-game is narrated by Marcel and Paddy.


  • Bouncer ~ get more than five bounces on a single stroke
  • Cake-in-1 ~ get all the cupcakes and a hole-in-one


This mini game is a Guitar Hero parody. You have to tap the notes to increase your score. The longer runs you can create, the higher your score will be. If you reach a certain score, you can activate "Howl Mode". Howl into the microphone and your score will be doubled for a short time. Be wary though, there are three bluebirds listening to you howl and if you miss too often, one of them will fall off the branch, however you can save the bluebird by tapping it as it falls. If you lose all three bluebirds then you have to  retry the song. There are six songs you can select (four songs from the movie and two additional songs). The songs are, "Awooo!", "Doo Daah", "Adventure" and "Dreamland" along with "Ode to joy" and "Habanera". You can play these songs in three difficulties, initially only "Easy" will be unlocked though you can unlock "Medium" and "Hard" as you progress through Story Mode. The mini-game is narrated by Kate and Garth in easy, Garth and Lilly in medium and Kate and Humphrey in hard.


  • Bird Lover ~ rescue 3 birds in one song and still win
  • Perfect Howl ~ hit every note and tail
  • Howler ~ trigger howl mode 3 times in 1 song

Alpha Run

Main article: Alpha and Omega Alpha Run

You play as Kate (later accompanied by Humphrey) and aim to reach the finish line whilst completing objectives. Objectives include: Collect "X" cupcakes and Finish with "X" pack-members. You get three lives, hitting obstacles or falling into chasms will cause you to lose lives whilst for every pack-member, or every ten cupcakes, collected you gain a life. Be aware though, for some levels you need to finish with a specified number of pack-members and you lose a pack-member for each life lost. Earning lives through cupcakes does not equate to another pack-member. There are three "Story Courses" to select along with a few bonus levels. Story courses are: "Alpha Camp", "The Train" and "On The Ridge". These courses are available to play in Free-Play once you unlock them in Story Mode. There are 10 levels for each course. You play by pressing "A" to jump (double-press to double-jump) and pressing the right-hand arrow for a brief burst of "Alpha Speed".


  • Leader of the Pack ~ finish a wolf pack level with all the wolves
  • Chasm Champion ~ finish a chasm level without crashing
  • Air Wolf ~ finish a level with most of time in the air


Unlike the film, the Alpha and Omega video game received generally negative reviews from the fans. It was criticized for its graphics, mediocre gameplay and for not having the heart and spirit of the film. This resulted into the game kind of fading into obscurity, despite the film's success.


  • It was only released for the Nintendo DS
  • It was released in September 21, 2010
  • The Game is rated E for Everyone.
  • The Game was developed by Storm City.
  • This game is not multiplayer.
  • This game is only available from retailers in North America.
  • The game's narrator is the voice of Dennis M. Miller.
  • This game is only sold on DS.
  • Also playable on Nintendo 3DS family systems. This game disables StreetPass, Amiibo, Spotpass and Mii creations that YOU have made in Mii Maker, plus StreetPass Miis in StreetPass Mii Plaza due to obviously the Nintendo 3DS being released the next year after this game came out.


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