Alpha and Omega Wiki

Stinky: Whoa!  Dad and Mom were able to log board this?  Wow! I don't know if that's even appropriate for an Alpha.

Claudette: I think it would be killer, Stinky, and I'm an Alpha.

Runt: And remember-- Dad is a proud Omega, as am I.

Stinky: Well, as the future leader of the pack... I wouldn't allow Alphas to be doing things like this.

Claudette: Mm-hmm.

Runt: How about things like this? Pick a tree. Any tree.

Claudette: Runt, do you need to take a whiz?

Runt: What?

Stinky: Claudette... inappropriate. This is male-to-male stuff, all right? Runt, do you need to take a whiz?

Runt: What is wrong with you two?! I may be the runt, but give me a break! I was born only, like, a few minutes later than you wolves.

Claudette: But you're still so cute.

Runt: Cute?! [Grunting]

Claudette and Stinky: [Both Gasp]

Runt: [Grunting]

Stinky: Runt, it is unsightly for a wolf to be climbing a tree!

Runt: [Grunting]

Stinky: Runt!

Claudette: I think he's saying, "Talk to the butt."

Runt: Don't forget what Mom and Dad always say: "Our uniqueness makes us strong." Hey, what up?

Stinky: That is unique, all right.

Kate: Okay, parents' first dinner.  Let's get this place in order. Oh, Humphrey, can you move the log board to the wall?

Humphrey: This is where we fell in love.

Kate: I know. Against the wall.

Humphrey: [Grunting]

Kate: Completely against the wall.

Humphrey: I don't know... I think the angle makes it a little less... militant.

Kate: Oh, and I almost forgot. Can you retrieve the buried bones?

Humphrey: Retrieve? As in "dig them up"?

Kate: Right. Where I buried them.

Humphrey: We're serving bones. Our first dinner.

Kate: [Gasps] Are you criticizing my dinner choice?

Humphrey: No, no, no. Not at all. Bones have lots of... roughage. [Laughs Nervously]

Kate: Humphrey, dear, just dig.

Humphrey: Sheesh, what am I?  The family pet?

Salty: Hey, Humphrey.  Nice digs.

Humphrey: [Sighs] Don't get me started.

Salty: [Scoffs] Looks like you already have. How's life with an Alpha?

Humphrey: Efficient.

Salty: That is what we thought.

Humphrey: "We"?

Salty: The guys. We thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to take our Omega brother to the wild berry patch?"

Humphrey: Yeah.  I'm not really a fan of berries.

Salty: Fermented berries.

Humphrey:  I love berries.

Kate: Oh, hi, Salty. Humphrey, did you find all the--

Humphrey: Hey, Kate, got an idea here. How about a few berries to go with the dry--

Kate: Huh?

Humphrey: I-I-I mean, uh, the delicious and nutritious marrow. [Laughs Nervously] Right, Salty?

Salty: [Howls]

Humphrey: [Howls]

Humphrey: Come on, what do you say? [Panting]

Kate: Humphrey, you're begging...

Humphrey: Sorry. Instinct.

Kate: Um, well, okay.  It would make for a nice before-dinner snack.

Humphrey: In so many ways.

Kate: And it is the holidays, after all.

Humphrey: Joy to the cave.

Kate: Okay, Humphrey. Oh, if you see some holly, bring that back, too.

Humphrey: 'Tis the season.

Kate: And if you see the pups, send them home.

Humphrey: Okay.  Love you, babe.

Runt: Wow, this rocks!  You can see Banff!  And-- Hey, check it out.  I see three wolves down in the valley.

Stinky: Are they of our pack?

Runt: Mm, not that I recognize.

Stinky: Well, maybe I should go welcome them.

Claudette: What?  Remember Grandpa Winston said there were rogue wolves in the area.

Runt: Let me handle this. Hey! Who are you guys? Well, that was real.

Stinky: Wait a minute. [Sniffing] I do believe there is a large inhabitant entering our presence.

Claudette: Like what? A moose?

Stinky: No.  It is-- A grizzly!

Runt: I see it right there.

Claudette: No worries. We got this. Let me do my thing. [Grunting] Come on, big guy. Show me what you've got.

Runt: Go, Sis!

Claudette: Okay, right this way, wolf-eater! [Gasps]

Stinky: [Sniffs] Claudette, other wolves, and not of our pack.

Stinky: As future leader of this pack, I say "charge!"

Claudette: And pick on your own size next time! What?

Stinky: I don't believe I had the pleasure of a formal introduction. My name is Stinky, and that's my sister Claudette. And somewhere around here is my little brother, Runt.

Rogue #1: Runt? [Laughs] Aren't you Winston's grandpups?

Stinky: See? They saw him in me.

Claudette: So... what?  You guys just here to hang out?

Rogue #1: Yeah, yeah.  We're-We're just passing through.

Stinky: What pack are you from?

Rogue #1: We're from Banff. Just lost our way.

Rogue #2: Yeah. Uh, we'd better get over the train tracks before nightfall.

Humphrey & Salty: [Laughing]

Humphrey: Yeah!  Oh, that was fun. Berries are awesome.   

Humphrey: [Laughs]- Oh, back to the grind.

Salty: Uh, I think I'll just drop these off and go now.

Humphrey: Hi, Kate! Oh, look at you! [Purrs] All glammed up for Mom and Dad, huh?

Kate: That was an awfully long trip to the berry patch.

Humphrey: Yeah, but look at all the holly I brought back with me. Deck the cave.

Kate: Did you see the pups?

Humphrey: Uh, no, I didn't.

Claudette: Paw prints. Right by the trunk. I think Runt was jumped. He probably rushed down to help and--

Stinky: [Sniffing]  Another wolf was here.

Eve: Yoo-hoo!  We're here!

Kate: Great.  Hi, Mom!

Eve: Look at that view outside.

Winston: We should gather up the Alphas and hunt those rogue wolves down.

Tony: Let's give 'em the old lockjaw.

Eve: As usual, they're talking about war.

Tony: Hello, Kate.  Hello, Humphrey.

Kate: Welcome to our little home.

Humphrey: Hey, Dad, put a paw up.

Winston: The rogue leader wanted to be king and couldn't. Now he has formed an all-Alpha pack.

Tony: I'll show 'em all-Alpha.

Kate: Uh, berries, anyone?

Eve: Fab!

Tony: Is Garth coming?  I need him to see life in a cave. He and Lilly have been living in the tall grass.

Humphrey: They're just free spirits.

Eve: You know the younger generation-- organic this, natural that. [Hiccups]  Gosh, these are good!  

Winston: Hey, easy with those, honey.

Lilly: [Giggling]

Garth: Oh, hi, everyone. Sorry we're late. Lilly and I took a little detour.

Kate: Hi, Sis.

Tony: Garth, it's time you found a cave. I told you I'd give up mine.

Garth: Lilly and I like living in the grass. The very tall grass.

Stinky & Claudette: [Panting]

Kate: Hi there. Where's Runt?

Kate: Where are they?  Oh.

Humphrey: You can find him, Kate.

Kate: [Gasps] Right there. They're going to Banff. We have to go now.

Winston: Listen, it'll be nightfall soon.  Let's prepare a contingent and go at daybreak.

Humphrey: We can't wait.  We know this valley.

Tony: This is the rogues. They will have a lot of wolves.

Lilly: This is what they want-- lure us to the other side and then attack.

Garth: I'll go organize everyone.

Runt: Nice.

King: This small wolf is Winston's grandpup? [Laughs] The great Alpha of the Western Pack is producing runts.

Runt: You got a problem with that?

King: See what happens when you let your Alpha daughter marry an Omega?

Runt: And you are?

King: [Gasps] King.                     

Runt: [Scoffs] Original. And let me guess-- you're Princess.

Princess: Yes.

Runt: Well, King, don't blame me... if you were rejected by my grandpa.

King: [Snarls]

Princess: Father, let me handle him.

King: This is all you brought me? What about the other two?!

Rogue #2: Hey, it got complicated. We had to fight off bears, and this guy was in a tree.

Kate: Are you sure this is a shortcut to Banff?

Humphrey: Positive. The Omegas used to log board here. All we gotta do is get over the stream.

Kate: I thought you said this was a stream.

Humphrey: Okay. Wrong season.

Kate: How are we gonna get across this?  Hmm.

Humphrey: No, Kate. No vines.

Kate: But we did it last time.

Humphrey: I was young, impulsive. And now I'm old and impulsive. Kate, wiggle around. Wiggle.

Kate: I'm trying.

Kate: Whoa!  Whoa!

Humphrey: I don't know if I can hold you.

Kate: Well, you held me last time.

Humphrey: Yeah, well, that was a few years ago...

Kate: Are you implying that I've gained weight?

Humphrey: Are we really doing this right now? Please, Kate, come on. Wiggle.

[Both Yelling]

[Both Grunt]

Kate: Good job, Omega.

Humphrey: It's all in the tail. You know, what's left of it.

[Thunder Rumbles]

[Thunder claps]

Kate: We need to move on.

[Thunder clap]


Humphrey: Kate, we have to wait this out. Come on. Over here.

Runt: [Shivering] My, what large teeth you have.

Princess: You look cold.

Runt: No, I'm just, well-- Okay. I'm freezing.

Princess: And probably hungry.

Runt: I, uh-- I'm a picky eater. Just warning you. But I can be flexible.


Mm, yummy!


Princess: Why aren't you eating the rest? Don't you know how scarce meat is?

Runt: I was leaving the other half for you.  You know, like sharing. I guess it's an Omega thing.

Princess: When we have a kill, those who eat are those who fight for it.

Runt: And I'm sure the pups do really well under that scenario.

Princess: [Growls] The Alpha pups do.

Sleep there.

It'll be warmer.

Winston: [Sighs] Kate and Humphrey.  They're always doing things their way.

Tony: Don't they realize how dangerous the rogues can be?!

Lilly: I know what the rogues are planning.

Eve: What is it, my smart Omega?

Lilly: They want us to send most of our Alphas to find Runt and get trapped by the winter.

Then they'll have another pack-- hiding in the fields--

attack and destroy our home.

The Omegas, the Betas.

Tony: Well, let 'em try it!

Winston: [Sighs]  We'll have to go with a smaller contingent. Leave some Alphas here... just in case.

Garth: Everyone's ready to go at daybreak.

Winston: We can only bring half of them. I'll explain later.

Lilly: I'm coming too.

Garth: No. No, Lilly. This is an Alpha affair.

Lilly: No. This is a family affair.

Eve: I'll stay here.

With them.

Winston: [Sighs]  Let's all get some rest.

[Thunder clap]


King: You see, he is weak. If he were pure Alpha, he wouldn't be cold. What are you doing?

Princess: Making sure our bait stays alive.

Rogue #2: This is against pack law.  This is what we fight against.

King: If you would've brought more bait, she wouldn't have to do this.

We leave at daybreak.


[Snoring Continues]

[Snoring Continues]

Claudette: How do we find which way Mom and Dad went?

Stinky: Go through the field.  I'll smell them out.

Marcel: I can't believe my eyes.

Kate: Marcel! Paddy!

Humphrey: Guys, are we glad to see you.

Marcel: [Chuckles] And I you.

[Clears Throat]

Paddy: [Sighs]

Marcel: You see, Paddy?  That wasn't so bad.

Paddy: It was a-- appropriate.

Humphrey: How did you find us?

Paddy: Let's just say someone's bad shot flew up and over the cliff.

Marcel: Never mind the wrong club.

Humphrey: Well, this is really serious. The rogue wolves have captured Runt.

Paddy: What?

Marcel: This is terrible.

I have seen these rogue wolves.  Mean things.

They never share their kill with the birds.

Kate: We think they're in Banff.

Paddy: Well, count us in.

Marcel: Why, of course.  Yes, yes.

Princess: [Panting]

Runt: Wow, what a way to spend the holidays-- away from my family.

Stinky: Mom!  Dad!

Kate: [Gasps]

Paddy: Aren't those your other pups?

Humphrey: Stinky, Claudette, what are you two doing here?

Claudette: We came to help find Runt.

Kate: By yourselves?

Runt: Um, yeah. Kind of.

Humphrey: How the heck did you find us?

Stinky: [Sniffs] I sniffed you out.

Kate: [Sighs] Great. All we needed.

Marcel: I think it's so charming when the little ones' personalities match their parents'.

Paddy: [Chuckles]  Yes.  They are what you would call "drama wolves."

Kate: You two are grounded! You hear me? Grounded!

Marcel: How does one ground someone in the outdoors?

Stinky: Well, we lost Runt, so we're gonna find him, like it or not. Together. That is what we'll do.

Claudette: You're not going to talk us out of this.

Kate: You two, stay right there.

Humphrey: Hey, guys, listen. Would you go talk some sense into the pups?

Stinky: How did our parents get across?

Claudette: Oh!

Remember how they said they flew across on a vine?

We were like, "Yeah, right."

Marcel: Now, pups, do not get any grand ideas.

Stinky: This is for Runt.


Marcel & Paddy: [Both Shout]

Stinky: [Grunts]

Kate: [Gasps]


Humphrey: Stinky!

Claudette: [Grunts]

Kate & Humphrey: Claudette!

Stinky: Uh, now what?

Claudette: Um, uh--

Marcel: Oh, dear, oh, dear.

What do we do?

Paddy: Okay, let's help them.

Marcel: Help them swing it.  Yes!

Claudette: Oh, no. I can't hold on.

Stinky: My tail will never be the same.

Marcel: Push! Push!

[Paddy Grunting]

Kate: Oh, my gosh. What do we--

Humphrey: Jump. Jump!

Marcel & Paddy: Oh, oh!

Humphrey: Are you all okay?

They so take after you.

Kate: Me?  Humphrey, that is all you.

Humphrey: All right, you two.

Claudette & Stinky: [Both Gasp]


Kate: [Squeals]

Winston: I cannot believe those pups snuck out last night.

Tony: They're sly little guys. Take after their parents.

Runt: [Gasps]

Rogue #3: Even the birds smell death.

Runt: Yeah?  I think they're smelling you.

Rogue #3: [Snarls]

Princess: Back away.

Rogue #3: Let me at that smart-aleck Omega!

Princess: [Growls]

Runt: Nice. Did I cause this?

Princess & Rogue #3: [Snarling]

Rogue #3: [Yelps, Howls]

Rogue #3: [Thuds]

Runt: Walk it off!

You're just like my mom.

King: Why did you do that?

Princess: He was going to attack our--

King: If they don't send a rescue brigade by sundown, the runt is of no use to us. Do you understand me?

Princess: Yes, Father.

Marcel & Paddy: [Panting]

Marcel: He's alive.

Paddy: But he is surrounded by a pack... even larger than your own.

Kate: How fast can we get there?

Runt: [Chuckles Nervously]  How time flies.

Princess: Always does.

Runt: Are you gonna eat me?

Princess: Eat you? [Chuckles] I'm sure you would taste very badly.

Claudette: You smell any bears?

Stinky: [Sniffing] Yeah. Kind of.

Claudette: What do you mean, kind of?  Your snout is never wrong.

Stinky: This one is different.  Only a small whiff of a bear.

Bear Cub: Hi, guys.

Stinky: A very small whiff.

Claudette: How cute. Uh, for a future predator.

Humphrey: No. No-no-no, no, no. Keep going, kids. They're all really cute and cuddly when they're that age.

Kate: Come on, pups. Your father and I had ourselves... a bad experience after he played with a cub.

Humphrey: It wasn't pretty.  And neither was her breath.

Bear Cub: Hey, can I come with you?

Humphrey: Talk to the paw. Go home. What is this, a parade?

Porcupine: So you're just gonna leave that cub alone, in the forest?

Humphrey: Who are you?

Porcupine: Do you know what will happen-- [Gulps] to that cute and adorable little cub?

Humphrey: What are you, his agent? You get 10 percent of his cuddliness?  Come on.

Porcupine: You know the rules of the forest.

Humphrey: I know the rules of survival. The-- Why am I having this discussion with you? Ow! [Grunts]

Porcupine: Sorry.  It was a reflex. Karma, my friend.

Humphrey: Okay. Time to move on. And fast.

Bear Cub: But-- But I'm lost.

Humphrey: [Sighs, Stammers] Look for gigantic bear tracks. You'll be reunited with your grizzly mama in no time.

Bear Cub: I haven't seen her in days. I've looked everywhere.

Humphrey: Well, look harder.

Bear Cub: I can't. If the mean wolves see me, I'm a goner.

Kate: Humphrey, what are you doing?

Claudette: Yeah, Dad. Stinky and I had our fill with a bear yesterday.

Stinky: I do believe the cub poses a danger to us all.

Humphrey: What if this were Runt?

Kate: Okay. Let's get moving.

Bear Cub: Awesome!  I've never spent the holidays with wolves before.

Marcel: Uh, what took so long to get through the forest?

Kate: Mm, we had to deal with something.

Paddy: Did you know that there's a bear cub following your pups?

Kate: Yes. [Chuckles] We... adopted him.

Humphrey: Uh, yeah, just for now. He lost his mother.

Marcel: Are you wolves crazy?!

Humphrey: Yep.

Paddy: Drama wolves.

Kate: You pups stay here with Paddy.

Humphrey: And we mean it.

Stinky: [Scoffs] Totally unfair. We couldn't go the extra mile. An injustice.

Claudette: This is so wrong.

Paddy: Wait, wait, wait.  Marcel and I agree with your parents. There are so many rogue wolves down in the valley, it would be... extremely dangerous.

Marcel: Okay. Now prepare yourselves.

Humphrey: For what?   

Kate: Oh, my gosh. Even with our entire pack here, they'd outnumber us.

Humphrey: Kate, look.

Winston: Wait. [Sniffs]

Tony: What is it?

Winston: I smell--

Paddy: It's just us.

Winston: Paddy?

Stinky: And us.

Claudette: I knew it. I knew your smell would give us away.

Winston: What are you doing with a bear cub?

Claudette: We kind of... adopted him.

Tony: Adopted him?!

Paddy: Oh, trust me, logic is not our friend here.

Claudette: He was lost.

Winston: Okay. Where are Kate and Humphrey?       

Paddy: Under Marcel.

Garth: That's Marcel?

Paddy: In all his overstuffed down.

Garth: Okay, Lilly. Stay and watch over them.

Lilly: I will. Hurry back, my macho Alpha.                 

Garth: Mm, miss ya.

Kate: Humphrey, you distract them, and I'll sneak around the back and grab Runt.

Humphrey: Distract them. How am I gonna distract an entire pack of big, bad Alphas?


Kate: Dad?

Winston: Kate, Humphrey. We're here to help. Our other Alphas are right behind us.

Tony: Some of those wolves used to run with my pack.

Winston: Right. They'll recognize us.   

Humphrey: But they don't know me... as an Alpha.  

King: They haven't come for Runt?

Rogue #2: No.  There's no sign of any of them.

King: Hmm. This is not like Winston and Tony.

Rogue #2: Wait. Over there.

King: Who is that?

Rogue #2: That is one big wolf.

King: It's huge. It must be a special class of Alpha. We must go greet him. Recruit him.           

Humphrey: Hey, Garth, they're approaching.

Garth: State your territory.  It'll keep them from coming too close.

Humphrey: You want me to pee?

Garth: No, you fool!  I want you to howl.

Humphrey: [Howls Weakly]       

Rogue #2: Did you hear that weak howl?   

Garth: Do it bigger, like a real Alpha.  

Humphrey: That is my howl. They're coming closer.         

Garth: They won't stop until you have a big howl.  It's a power thing.

Humphrey: [Howls, Coughs]  Ow. Ow.

King: That's odd. A giant Alpha that can't howl.

Humphrey: Oh, gosh! They're running now. And it doesn't look like the welcome wagon.

Garth: Okay, Humphrey.  When I say "Now," yawn.

Humphrey: Yawn?                     

Garth: Yes. Yawn big. Now!

[Garth Howls]

King, Rogue #1, Rogue #2: [All Gasping]         

Kate: That was Humphrey?       

Marcel: Oh, I didn't know he had it in him.

King: We respect your territory. Come into ours.             

Humphrey: Uh, mm-hmm. Okay, Garth, move forward, slowly.

King: It's like he's floating.

Humphrey: I come to the edges of thy territory.

King: What pack are you from?  I've never seen an Alpha as big as you.

Humphrey: Well, that is because where I come from, we eat bears.           

King: Bears? Where did you come from?   

Humphrey: I... was... chasing... the biggest grizzly in Alaska. And next thing I know, I'm in Canada. Nice people. [Chuckles]  Uh, oh, and um, the bear-- Well, I was, uh-- I was just about to dine on it.  Yes.       

King: You caught it?     

King, Rogue #1, Rogue #2: [All Howling]

Tony: We never speak of this again!

Winston: Let's not even talk about it now.  

Humphrey: Why, who is that beauty of an Alpha?                   

King: Ah, my daughter. A supreme Alpha, like all of us.

Humphrey: May I have a closer look?

King: Please.  Come inside our territory.  

Humphrey: Oh, uh-- Oh, well, I see that she already has a pup, so never mind. Never-Never mind.           

King: Oh, no. That's not hers.   

Humphrey: I would prefer, uh, if she-- if she meet me halfway.     

King: Princess, quickly.     

Humphrey: Yes, beautiful Princess. Oh, my. If only we had Alphas as beautiful as you.       

King: What is your name, mighty Alpha?       

Humphrey: Um, uh, Lockjaw.       

Rogue #2: Lockjaw?                       

King: That's unusual.

[Kate Whispering]             

Runt. Runt.                     

Runt: [Gasps]             

Kate: This way.             

Humphrey: Yes, yes, well, once I ate a mountain lion.

King: That too?  Excellent. I never thought of eating a lion.

Humphrey: Talk about gamey.         

King, Rogue #1, Rogue #2: [All Laughing]         

Kate: That's right. Keep 'em laughing, Humphrey.

King: We could use a wolf with that strength and appetite. Come closer, Lockjaw. Join us.

Humphrey: I must... guard my kill. And look. The vultures are already here.  

Marcel: If they don't kill him, I will.

Kate: Okay, Runt, come this way.         

Humphrey: Yes, my Alphas.  If you join me in eating this grizzly bear... you too will become a super Alpha.

Rogue #2: I can't wait.         

Humphrey: Okay now. Uh, you, King, you're gonna be first.  And then let's-- How about the wolf next to you with-- Yeah, yes.  You.  You, with the brown nose.

Come forth for your grizzly meat.         

Rogue #3: King, the Omega is gone!

King: Over there! What? It's a trick! Alphas, get them! Get them all!       

Lilly: Runt!

Stinky: Runt!

Winston: Take the pups to the north side!  

Kate: The human roads?

Winston: It'll be okay. You've done it before.  

Humphrey: Come on, pups. Quickly.

Bear Cub: Well, what about me?

Kate: I'll bring you to the middle of the forest. You'll be safer there.

Garth: Lilly, go with them.

Lilly: I'm staying here. I may not be strong, but I'm smart.     

Marcel: Paddy, we have to do something to help.   

Paddy: Uh, let-- Let me think. Hmm.


Tony: The best we can do is slow them down.

Garth: They have three times as many, so we'll fight four times as hard.

Stinky: [Sniffing] Wait, wait. Stop!

Humphrey: What do you have?

Stinky: I smell a grizzly.  A very large grizzly.   

Humphrey: Great. The more, the merrier.

Grizzly: [Roaring]

Kate: [Laughs Nervously]  You were saying?

Humphrey: [Gulps]                       

Bear Cub: Mom! Mom! Stop! They made sure that I was safe.       

Humphrey: Uh, hi there. I'm Humphrey. This is Kate, and those are our pups.

Bear Cub: And now they're in trouble.

Tony: We can only mess them up, Winston. We won't be able to stop this.

King: They can't handle our numbers.  

They are weak.  Purity will win.

Princess, lead the rest of the pack to Winston's home and claim it.   

Princess: No, Father.  Not this time.

King: Princess. Princess!

Winston: They are not going to get my grandpups, or our home!


Winston: What the--

[Rumbling Continues]

[Rumbling Fades]

Bear Cub: Mom, they're our friends.

Tony: [Laughs] I'll be darned.

Bear Cub: And she is too. But everyone else, they're fair game.


Lilly: I'll take good care of him.


Winston: I think the playing field just got a bit more even.

Tony: This is going to be fun.

Winston: Ready to battle!

[Bears Snarling]

Rogue #2: If it isn't the infamous Garth. The strongest Alpha in the western pack.           

Rogue #1: I hear he is married to an Omega. A weak Omega.   



Marcel: Bombs away!     

Paddy: Well, it was that or a windshield.

King: Stop. Stop! I order you to stop!


Paddy: Oh, look. They're running away. Those cowards.

[Marcel Chuckles]

[All Chuckling]

Kate: Humphrey.

Humphrey: It's getting too cold, right?

Stinky: Mom, Dad, might we make it home in time for Christmas?

Kate: Let's talk. I'm not even sure where we are anymore.       

Claudette: It's so cold.

Runt: We're lost, aren't we?


Kate: Runt? What gives?

Humphrey: Is my son climbing a--   

Claudette: Here we go again.         

Kate: Runt, you get down here right now!


Runt: Hey, look. I see it. I see it!

Kate: I don't care what you see!

Runt: I see the human roads!   

Kate: Really?                   

Runt: Really!


Kate: How far, Runt?

Runt: Way down the mountain. I'd say 10 miles or so.     

Humphrey: If only there was a fast way to get there. Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no-no-no-no-no-no-no!  

Humphrey: All right, lean left.

Kate: Now right.

Claudette: [Laughs]

Runt: This is awesome!

Stinky: Whoa! I still don't think this is appropriate for an Alpha, but--

Claudette: It sure does rock!       

Humphrey: Rock!

Kate: It does!

Humphrey: No, rock! Hold on.

[All Yelling]

[Thudding, Grunts]


Kate: Is everyone okay? Is everyone okay?

Humphrey: Guys? Guys? So where we headed now, Runt?

Humphrey: Oh, my gosh. It can't be. Kate, bite my paw. Please bite it.

Kate: What?

Humphrey: Bite it.

Kate: Okay.

Humphrey: Ow! Kate! [Groans]

Kate: You said, "Bite it."

Humphrey: I wanted to see if I was still asleep, in a bad dream. This is where your mother and I survived a mad hunter.

Runt: Wasn't it, like, some big, bad dude?

Humphrey: Y-Yeah. Well, more or less.

Claudette: Is that him?  He looks like a wimp.       

Kate: Don't let those chestnut eyes fool you. He is a killer.

Runt: Wait. There it is. The blinking lights. Awesome. That is what I saw from the top of the mountain.

Humphrey: Oh, gosh. Everyone behind the Dumpster.

[Door Opens]                 

Kate: What's he doing?

Humphrey: I-I don't know.

[Engine Starts]               

[Truck Pulls Away]           

Humphrey: He left the door open?

Runt: Let's go see the tree.  

Claudette: It's really pretty.

Kate: No. It's a trap.

Humphrey: He wants us to go in there.

Kate: Runt!

Humphrey: Runt!

Kate: Runt!                           

Humphrey: Claudette!

Kate: Stinky!

Humphrey: Did he--

Kate: From gunshots to free food. Go figure.

Humphrey, here we are-- trying to get home again.       

Humphrey: I think we already are.