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Stinky: Whoa. Look at their stride.

Claudette: They're really tearing it up. Good find, Runt.

Stinky: Yeah, little bro. Your tree hugging talents have done good today.

They would give you two a run for your meal and leave me in the dust.



Let's show them how to do it.


Okay, run them to the right.

Closing in.

Runt: Stinky, easy now.

Okay, Runt, now step it up.

Coming through.

Claudette: Now run them to the rocks, guys.

Stinky: It's showtime.


Claudette: Thank you, Mom.


Oh, Claudette, we could have been feasting.

Claudette: Too young.

But let's hear it for the mom slide.

Yeah. You're getting better, Sis.

Fleet: Great moves.

Claudette: Thanks.

Fleet: That turn- Amazing.

Claudette: It's all in the paws.

Fleet: My name's Fleet. We're from the Northern team.

Claudette: Hey, I'm Claudette. This is my bro Stinky and our younger bro, Runt.

Runt: Yeah, younger by two minutes.

So the Northern hunting team?

Fleet: No, Northern team for the Great Games.

The Great Games? What is that?

Fleet: [Laughs]

What's funny?

Fleet: Wait a minute. You really don't know. Where are you wolves from?

[Clears Throat]

The Western pack. As in the Western pack.

Magril: [Whispering]

Fleet: Oh, right. Makes sense.

Claudette: Was there something the pretty gossip girl wanted to share?

Fleet: Easy. Magril says the Western pack took a pass at the Games.

Stinky: Took a pass?

Fleet: When we hit junior status, each region sends in five junior-aged alpha wolves.

Magril: [Whispers]

Fleet: Huh? Oh. Correction, five junior-aged critters. Doesn't have to be us alphas. Just ends up being that way. You know, winning.

The Eastern team.


Ed: Yo, Fleet, you gonna bring it?

Fleet: [Chuckles] We're gonna bring it, Ed.

Claudette: And let me guess- the Southern team?

Fleet: Yeah.

Well, looks like everyone is going to bring it, except for us.

Nars: Fleet! Back to training!

Fleet: [Chuckles] Coach is calling. Hey, since you're not in the Games, cheer for the Northern pack.

Did he just ask us to be his cheer wolves?

Runt: And as the omega, I guess that makes me the water boy.

Claudette: Come on. We need a serious discussion with Dad. Very serious.

[Meanwhile as Humphrey is log sledding with Mooch]

Humphrey: Yeah! When the alphas are away-

Mooch: The omegas do play.

Humphrey: Gotta love those alpha hunting trips.

Mooch: How long is Kate gonna be gone?

Humphrey: At least five moons.

Woo-hoo! Yeah!

[Both Laugh]


Mooch: Humphrey, my dog, it's been too long.

Humphrey: Well, Mooch, I'm a hubby and dad.

Had to put the omega in park.

Huh. Who knew?

The bachelor with a bit of a reputation.

And along came Kate, and I get tamed.

Mooch: Tamed? More like told to Sit.

[Both Howl]

[The pups arrive]

Claudette: Dad?

Humphrey: Whoa, pups. [gets on his feet] How long have you been there?

Runt: You had us at reputation.

Claudette: Dad, do you know anything about the Great Games?

Humphrey: Yeah, we used to play.

Well, why aren't we in it?

Stinky: Last time we checked, we were all juniors. Though my skill set is more of a senior.

Claudette: Seriously, Dad.

Mooch: Hey, remember when Kate led us to victory?

Claudette: Mom won that?

Mooch: She didn't win it. She killed it! Remember the turns?

Stinky: Dad, I'm feeling a little slighted here and a bit snappy-jaw. [Snapping Teeth, Growling]

Humphrey: Stinky, relax.

Runt: Yeah, well, I feel thrown under the stampede.

Humphrey: Don't be dramatic, Runt.

We're juniors. We should be playing.

Humphrey: Everyone should be playing. That's the point. The Games used to be for all critters, not just alpha wolves.

Mooch: Yeah. I did my Games with two bears, one alpha wolf and a squirrel.

Runt: Huh. How'd that work out?

Mooch: Not so good. The alpha got hungry and ate the squirrel.

Humphrey: Look, you know what our pack stands for. Until the Games return to being for all critters, we're taking a pass.

Claudette: But, Dad, we're never going to be juniors again. This is our last chance. I mean, Mom got to play.

Humphrey: What can I say? That isn't how we roll.

Claudette: What if we formed a team? Huh? The right way. Included everyone and show them we can compete?

Humphrey: Claudette, the Games are in a few days... and it takes five to form a team. Those alpha wolves you saw, they've been training all winter. [leaves]

We came, we pleaded, we failed.

Claudette: Go Northern pack! What am I doing?

Brent: Get back here, you peckers!

Oh, isn't it cute, flying around little junior's snout?


Claudette: Little junior?

Brent: I'll show you cute!


Yo, junior bear! Wait, junior bear!

So, tell me again.

It was this little guy.

You should have seen how fast he was.

And his jump-

Seriously, he almost laid up a flock of birds.

Runt: So the plan is?

Claudette: Have you heard of drafting? And he said he was a junior.

Stinky: [Sniffs] Okay, wait. I'm picking something up. It's definitely a bear, but not very junior.

[Sniffs] I'm smelling it too.

Yeah, it's getting stronger.

[Breathing Noisily]

Hi there. We're just here to find this cub-junior guy.

Bears: [Growling]

We just want him to join our team.

Bears: [Roaring]


What the-

Oh, my gosh. There he is.

And there they are.

Claudette: Hi. I saw you on the field today... and I wanted to come and have a friendly chat.

You're a junior?

Uh, yeah.

Claudette: Great. My brothers and I want to talk to you about joining the Great Games.

100 feet.

Sis, we may need to take them on.

- 50 feet.

Aren't the Games an all alpha-wolf club?

- 30 feet.

We want to make it for the entire Western Region.

- 20 feet.

Got it.

Bears: [Growling]

Wow. I should learn that.

Claudette: My name is Claudette, and this is Stinky and Runt.

Brent: I'm Brent, and this is my friend-

And protector. Agnes.

Uh, protector?

Protector, mentor, coach, agent.

What's the pitch?

Well, Brent, I saw you running in the field today.

Looks like you were chasing birds.

You see? Everyone saw it.

Brent, it's okay.


No, it's not!


Ah. Okay, reset.

You were saying?

Look, you're really fast, and from what I saw, a great jumper.


Ah, shucks.

I'm just a country bear.

Is there an offer?

Yeah, to join our team.

- But what else?

Like what?

Hmm. The wolves have a nice bunch of berry bushes.

- Done.

- And Salmon Falls, for fishing?

- Done.

- Okay.

- We'll get back to you.

- What? I need to know now.

We only have a few days of training before the Games begin.

Pushy, pushy. Brent, huddle.


She's working you.

I know, but I want to do it, and I'm a junior.

Agnes: Aren't we all?

Brent: Okay. I'll do it, but Agnes comes.

Yeah. Great to have supporters.

Brent: No, she comes as part of the team.

Okay. He gets worked and I get stares.

Western team.

[Clears Throat]

- Look strong.

- [ Growls ]

' [ Growls ]

' [ Growls ]


[Sighs] He's fast.

But he can't turn like you, Claudette.

He didn't have Mom to teach him.

Well, I did, and I still can't turn like you.

- Hey there.

- Hi.

So, is this my cheering section? Huh?

That's funny.

More like kick-your-butt section.

And we could settle it right now if you want.

Whoa. Now that's a throw-down.

Uh- Hey, wolves.

I think we'll just practice today, okay?

Hey, you need the field?

Well, it might be a good to take a few laps.

Sure. Go for it.

Western team, we're going to take a few laps around the field.

Slow build to a hunting stride.

Yo. Ed, right?

- Um, yeah. Hi.

We're the Western team.

Okay, let's kick it up a notch.

[ Panting ]

Let's get our legs under us.

How y'all doing?

Uh, Southern team, right?



[ Stammers ]

Ignore them.

I'll show those dogs fast.

[ Panting ]

Agnes. Stay in line.

[ Babbling ]

Brent: Agnes, control your speed. You know what happens.

What happens?




Nice catch.

But get back in line, you two.

Yeah, we're just dealing with some-

[Clears Throat]

growing pains.

Oh, no.

What now?

Oh, no!

[ Grunting ]

Brent. What are you doing?

Agnes: Uh, he's got bird issues.


Bird issues?

They're not birds.

They are monsters!

[ Claudette ]

Ignore them, Brent.


Brent, the little birdie is your friend... not your enemy.

They're always uttering around my snout!

Because they like you.

They want to make friends.

They're rodents with wings.

Oh, oh, oh!

You want a piece of me?

Brent, chill.

You're going documentary on us.

Order! Order on the field!

- Where did it go?

- [ Bird Chirping, Muffled ]

I hear it over there.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Oh, look. it's a cub.

Let's utter around his nose.

- Brent, time out.


- [ Muffled Chirping ]

Brent: I still hear it!

Brent. Calm down.

Brent: It's hiding behind Stinky! I can hear it!

Sis, we need a coach.

A serious coach.

Humphrey: Incoming! [jumps in the mud]

Mooch: Shall we do the wolf pile?

Humphrey: Mooch. Mooch! No, no, no!

Mooch: Too late! [jumps and lands on Humphrey's back]

Humphrey: We're middle-aged now. You're much heavier. Ow!

Stinky: Dad? Dad!

Agnes: This is our coach?

Brent: Apparently

Agnes: I want to be traded.

Humphrey: Mooch, lay off the fatty portions of the caribou. Hey. What's up?

Claudette: Dad, meet the Western team.

Humphrey: [Laughs] Western team? Oh. You guys really want to mud wrestle against the omegas?

Claudette: Dad, this is team Western Region... for the Great Games. You said it was for all the critters.

Humphrey: Yeah

Claudette: So we invited everyone.

Mooch: Wow. They are one bird short of Noah's ark.

Brent: Bird? [looks around] Bird? [accidentally stings his paw on Agnes' quils] Ow!

Claudette: But, Dad, we have a small problem. We need a coach.

Humphrey: Okay. Another reason you can't play. Your mother is out of town, as are all the alphas.

Claudette: I know, Coach.

Mooch: [Laughs]

Humphrey: What? You want me to be your coach for the competition?

Mooch: Well, you'd be good for the Miss Congeniality portion.

Claudette: Dad, we need the help. You know, the adult in the cave?

Mooch: [Laughs]

Humphrey: [gives Mooch an angry glare and turns to Claudette] Claudette, I don't think-

Mooch: Dog, help the girl out. She went to all this trouble.

Humphrey: [Chuckles] Okay

[the next day, Humphrey gets out of his den]

Humphrey: Coach Humphrey. [Chuckles] Who knew?

Okay, sleepy heads!

It's time for training.

Come on now.

Let's do it! Coach's orders.

Today we are gonna train and train hard.

Brent, you look tired.

Yeah, well.

Actually, I usually sleep until noon.


Me too.



[ Stammers ] What is this? Hibernation season?

[ Humphrey]

Come on, now. Push, push!

[All Straining]

- Fight for it!

- Mad wolf!

- Run!

- Run!

- Dad, careful!

Come on now. Lift those legs.

I did not sign up for this.

Keep the pace.

Faster, faster.

Show me what you got.


Agnes: [Grunting]

Oh, no. Oh, no.


She's taking off again.




Shake it off, Agnes. Shake it off.

Stinky, control your aggression.

Runt, stop smiling.

This is a competition. This is your life!

Dad, was Mom as fast as this when she was a junior?

Focus on the race, not on your mom.

Okay. Marcel! Paddy!

Shock and awe!

Now come on, you migrating chirpers.

Just say when, Humphrey.

Okay, Brent. Control yourself.


Okay, chirpers. Attack!

Brent, look at my eyes.

Look at my eyes.


Humphrey: Okay, Paddy, ready for the landing.

Storm the beach. Storm the beach!

Humphrey: Their little wings utter around your face... but they don't bother you.

Okay, Marcel. Retreat! Retreat!

Chirpers, ock this way.

I said now!

Okay, Agnes.

Now get your center of gravity.

Okay. I'm getting it.

I'm getting it!

Ow, ow.

Way to take it for the team, Runt.


I'm starving.

[ Brent]

Me too.

[Agnes ]

I saw some leaves back there.

[ Claudette ]

Bones, anyone?

We have been eyeing the competition.

Northern team is the one to beat.

But get this-

The referees are also from the North.


They're geese. And you can't trust geese.

Well, we will watch them.

By the way-

Run Claudette last today. Trust me.


We've got your furry back.

Okay! Formation!

Okay. Rumble the legs!

Now, back rolls!

What is that?

It's called... a warm-up?

And who is the angry-looking wolf?

Leg rumble! Leg rumble!

Now, leaps!

Oh, that would be a sports parent.

Oh, great.

Humphrey: Okay, team. You heard him.

Heard who?

Humphrey: Their coach said 'leg rumble'.

Dad, you're our coach.

Humphrey: Oh, right. [Chuckles] Okay. Rumble the legs.

Come on, come on.

Like this?

Something like that.

Okay! Roll overs!

Okay. Roll overs. Come on.

Nars: Hey, Coach. Nars here.

Humphrey: Hi there. Coach Humphrey. Put it there. [offers his paw]

Nars: [hits Humphrey's paw]

Humphrey: [Yelps, Groans]

Nars: Hmm. You hear something?

Humphrey: No

Nars: [Grunts] Well, great day for a game. My alpha team is raring to go.

Humphrey: Yeah. Mine too.

Nars: [Chuckles] I just love competition. I mean, I live for it.

Humphrey: Clearly.

Nars: Yes. I had a dream about this day. It was so clear. Running, sliding, the thrill of victory! You know. [closes his eyes and imagines the day he was playing in The Great Games] Father! I tried to win it for you. I really tried. I did! I did! [Crying]

Marcel: There is one for the birds.

Nars: Father! I mean- She's a girl, I know, but... it was the best that I could do! [Sobbing] [snaps out of his trance] Huh?

Okay. Teams, get ready.

What are you looking at?


Nars: A bear is keeping pace with the alphas?


You wolves ready for this?

Hmm? Hmm?

You ready for the needles?

Huh? Hmm?



Way to go, Agnes. Watch your speed.




Show 'em what you got.


Runt: It's all yours!

Nars: No one is faster than my son.



Nars: Come on, Fleet!

Humphrey: Do the spinout, Claudette!

[Claudette uses the spinout]

Nars: What? The spinout?



Nars: The spinout move. I haven't seen that since my Games.

Humphrey: She learned it from her mom.

Nars: Kate?

Humphrey: Yeah. You know her?

Nars: I lost to Kate when I was a junior. Where is she?

Humphrey: She's on a hunting trip.

Nars: Hunting trip? [Chuckles] So she wears the alpha in the family, huh?

Humphrey: Yeah. I married up.

Nars: Well, Kate was a legend. I don't see another legend here.

Humphrey: Hey, good job, team.

[Grunting, Panting]

Claudette: Fleet, how long you been out here?

Fleet: What's it to you, Claudette?



You have to lean your weight.

Fleet: Mind your own race.

I'm just trying to-

Fleet: My dad says you're good, but not as good as your mom was.

All yours.


[A flashback of Kate teaching Claudette The Spinout starts]

Kate: [Panting] Okay. Your turn, Claudette.

Claudette: Here I go.

Okay, chasing the caribou, gaining on them.

Then changing directions.

Now! Plant your front!

Oh. Whoa!


Kate: Okay. Let's try it again. You're getting good.

Claudette: Mom, I wish I could be as-

Kate: Oh, honey. We're going to try again, okay?

[The flashback ends]


Dad, I know!

You have to play a little rougher tomorrow.

Why? They have the bear and then a porcupine.

I mean, come on.

Just do it. You know what I mean.


This could get a little tricky today.

I'm ready for whatever they've got.

I double-dog dare a wolf to step on my back.

Stay on the attack.

We can do this.

Just be prepared.






Foul! Foul!



Agnes, up the log!

Get them on the log.



[Yelps, Groans]

How do you like it, huh?

Good girl!


Good girl.

Umpire, did you see that?


Umpire, they were cheating.

She slipped into her.


What are they doing, laying an egg?

We couldn't clearly see the play.

No foul.

What? That was as much a foul as a chicken is a fowl.

Resume play on my honk.


Run the rocks! Run the rocks!

Umpire, I can't believe this.


Good job, Claudette. You played it fair.

See you in the finals.

Magril, are you okay?

She slipped on the rocks.

Nars: Can you still compete?

Magril: [Whispering]

Fleet: No, Magril. Don't.

Nars: What is she saying? Why won't she ever speak directly to me?

Fleet: Dad

Nars: Magril, are you okay? Speak up, now!

Fleet: She can't, Dad.

Nars: Why not?

Fleet: Because she's terrified of you! She's injured. She's out of the Games.

Nars: Out of the Games?

Cheaters. That's what they are.

And don't even get me started on those umpires.

We ought to get the Western owls to take them out.


What now?

Magril is... injured.

Oh, no.

Nars: Now, we can do this two ways. Either we default and it's all yours... or we do a different race, winner takes all.

Humphrey: You mean four against four?

Nars: No. One against one. My son against Claudette. A run around the mountain and then down to the field.

Fleet is strong on the rocks and Claudette on the field.

Well, let me speak to my team.

You got this, Claudette.

Go for it.

Okay. I'll do it.

Nars, you're on.

Good. You know, Claudette...

I wonder if your Games will be as good as your mom's?

Dad, please.

I'm sure Fleet's Games will be better than your Games.


See you tomorrow, Coach.



Sorry about today.


Everything, uh, that happened.

Were you here to practice?


That is all I do.

You want to warm up together?


You just can't help yourself.


And you can't either.

Hey, you want to learn how to do it?

Fleet: But I'm your competitor.

Claudette: Well, tomorrow you are.

Fleet: Hmm. Sure.

Claudette: Okay. When you come to a corner... plant your front paws and just let your body slide.

Your turn.

Plant your paws!


Claudette: Fleet?

Nars: Fleet! Why aren't you training?


What are you doing?

What do you mean?

Whatever that was. Fleet, you have to hate your opponent to win.

Fleet: Oh, really, Dad? And how did that work out for you?

Nars: Get back here! You need to train!

Fleet: I've trained enough.

Nars: [Growling]

Fleet: Go ahead, Dad. Make me a champion, right?

Nars: No excuses tomorrow. You hear me?

[Claudette returns to her parents' den and sees Kate with the others]

Claudette: Mom! You're back.

Kate: I came back early. I got word of the Games. I heard you're all doing really well.

Claudette: Well, just a few techniques my mom taught me.

Humphrey: So, Claudette, we're all thinking we have a chance to win.

Claudette: We do.

Humphrey: Oh, Kate, you should have seen Nars.

Kate: Wait. Nars, from the Northern pack?

Humphrey: Yeah. You left him a lasting memory with your turnout. He is so bitter cave for one.

And the way he treats his son, Fleet?

Kate: My first Games, it was really important to me too.

Claudette: Mom- What was the most important thing to you?

Kate: Hmm. Well, winning is fun. But I think digging down deep and seeing what you're truly made of... is what really counts.

[The next day, everyone is ready for the finals]

The valley is full of spectators and sponsors.

Paddy: Oh, what conversations we have heard.

Fleet versus Claudette, a decade after Kate beat Nars.

However today turns out, I am proud of you.

Claudette: Thanks, Dad. I've got this.

Nars: Okay, Fleet. This is it. Keep four paces ahead. This is the big one, our last chance.

Fleet: Our last chance?

Nars: You know what I mean.

Fleet: Yeah, I do.

Nars: [Growling]

Fleet: Hey, good race, Claudette.

Claudette: Good race, Fleet.

Humphrey: Are- Are those two smiling? Wait, are they-

Kate: Humphrey. It's okay. It happens.

Humphrey: [Stammering] Do you see that? He's- He's flirting with her. That is what dogs do to throw the girl off her game.

Kate: Is that what you did to me?

Humphrey: Well, yeah. And I only scored the prettiest alpha in the region.

Claudette! Stop flirting with Fleet! You're too young to date. I forbid it until you're your grandma's age.

Claudette: Oh, my gosh. Dad!

Kate: [Sighs] Could this day get any more bizarre?

Hey. I think we scored an endorsement deal.

Kate: What?

The wolves from the Central Region.

When Claudette wins...

she is supposed to turn to the crowd and shout, I'm going to Calgary!

[Goose Honks]

Come on, Fleet! Four paces! Come on, Son!

Let's go, Claudette!

Take it to him!

Fleet: [Grunts]

Hey. Push from your back legs.

That's it.

Um, thanks?




Get up there, Fleet! Get up there!

Humphrey: [Stammers] She's letting him catch up! Claudette, I don't care how adorable you think he is, you take it to him!

- What are you doing?

- Nothing.

Yes, you are.

For the last turn, remember- lean to the left.

To the left. Got it.

- Here we go!

Lean! Lean!

I did it! I did it!

Now what are you doing?


Fleet! Go faster!

[All Gasping]


[ Both Panting ]

It was a tie?

Oh, it appears so.

Fleet? A tie? Really?

We have to do this over!

What do we do when there's a tie?

The Games end in a... tie!

Fleet! You come back here!

Fleet: That was it, Dad. Those were my Games.

Nars: What do you mean, that was it?

Fleet: I'm no longer a competitor, Dad.

I'm gonna be the new coach of the Northern Region.

And I'm looking for a few good competitors for next year!


Okay, Claudette.

Now it's your time. You yell.

Say, I'm going to Calgary!

Well, we came, we competed and we tied.

Fleet: No, we didn't tie, Claudette.

Nope. We won.


Hey, Claudette.

One of these fine critters is going to be on the Northern team next year.

And I'm gonna be their coach.


Great, because we're going for gold with one of you five.


Looks like we all won.

Humphrey: Yeah. I think it was the coaching, right?

Kate: Claudette?

Claudette: Yes, Mom?

Kate: You really turned these Games around.

Claudette: Thanks, Mom.



Nars: Son. I am- I am so proud of you.

[Both Grunt]

So, we better get working on your spinout.

Especially if you're the new coach.

Yeah, when we're back for the real Great Games.

Hey! You two stay on the field where I can see you!

Claudette: Okay, Fleet, so you have to lean, then push off your opposite foot.


Wait. You never said push off.

Claudette: Well, we were competitors, Fleet.