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Alpha and Omega Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the official soundtrack of Alpha and Omega and music by Chris Bacon.

Track Listing[]

The following tracks on the soundtrack are:

  • Pre Teen Wolves
  • Main Titles
  • Candu Was Jumped
  • Humphrey's Crew
  • Garth
  • Wolfnapped
  • Idaho or Bust
  • The Golfing Goose
  • Flying Fowl
  • Searching for Kate
  • Eat Food, Get Gas
  • Tails It Is
  • Garth and Lilly
  • Bears!
  • Love Train
  • Time's Up
  • I've Had Fun
  • Unite the Packs
  • Alphas and Omegas
  • Take the Valley
  • Requiem for Kate
  • Big Finish