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Amy is a female Velociraptor and one of the new characters featured in Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs. She forms a strong - but short-lived - friendship with Kate, Humphrey and the pups.


Amy is a pink Velociraptor covered in purple spots with green eyes and green feathers on her head and tail.



Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs[]

65 million years ago Amy was chased by a T-Rex during a meteor shower until they reached a sacred place called The Circle of Light and got killed by the meteors just like the other dinosaurs.

In the present, a group of human diggers led by a human named Mac were digging the sacred place so they can bulid a golf course and get the dinosaur bones, but when the sunlight touched Amy's skeleton, she came back to life and came out to the surface. She was hiding and watching everything until Stinky, Claudette and Runt saw her, and they started to run away from her. She was trying to talk to them, but they used their tricks on her which caused her to accidentally hit them with her tail as it sends them to the sacred place. She found them and told them her story that her mother told her about The Circle of Light, the T-Rex chase and the meteor shower, she explained that T-Rex is still there and that the human diggers must be stopped before the light touches T-Rex's skeleton. After Stinky, Claudette and Runt sabotaged the digging (for now), Amy decided to explore the world before going back to her timeline. Later, as nighttime comes the pups are attacked by a group of rogue wolves who threaten to kill them for entering their territory, but Amy chases them away. They return home and are spotted by Kate, Humphrey, Marcel and Paddy, who're shocked to see a live dinosaur in front of them. The pups explain everything they should do to help Amy reach the burial ground in time. At first, the others don't believe this, but when the pups reminisce how they were raised to be kind, caring and helpful, they all agree to help the raptor.

They made a plan about chasing those diggers, but Mac, Jethro and Griffin continued digging until they uncovered T-Rex's skeleton which came back to life. Amy and the others were distracting him until the light showed up again and they lured him there. After sharing their final goodbyes, Amy and the T-Rex magically return to their timeline.









  • She is the only dinosaur capable of speaking with other critters.
  • Amy is said to be a velociraptor, while lacking any sort of a sickle claw, her mother is also shown to have 2 fingers, among large carnivorous dinosaurs, this trait is only present in Tyrannosaurids, meaning Amy is adopted. That's a canon fact.


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