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Amy's mother

Amy's mother is a dinosaur that appear in the movie Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs.

She is the mother of Amy who she wants to protect from harm.


Amy's Mother is a large therapod with brown skin and white underbelly who is twice the size of Amy.


Amy's Mother appears briefly with her pack, giving Amy a branch of grapes and begins walking away before she along with the other dinosaurs perish by the event of Cretaceous Period extinction when a meter shower crashes into the earth.


  • Since she and her pack are all different from Amy, this means that she must have been adopted by the pack itself for unknown reasons.
  • Judging by her body shape, Amy's Mother might be an Albertosaurus.
    • The same thing could apply to her pack too.
  • Amy's Mother seems to have knowledge of the sacred space, but it is unclear how she came to know about its power.