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Animal Trappers
Animal Trappers
"Bag 'em up, boys. We're goin' ta Idaho."



Skin Color(s)

Tinted Peach

Eye Color(s)

Brown eyes





First Appearance

Alpha and Omega

Latest Appearance

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

In Alpha and Omega[]

These characters first appear in a scene after Kate leaves the moonlight howl, due to how bad she thinks Garth was at howling. She sped off like a bullet down the mountain, and saw Humphrey in a surprising manner along the way. Humphrey and Kate then converse about how Garth was, but were shortly interrupted after they were shot by Tranquilizer Darts. They get knocked unconscious, and the Animal Trappers were revealed briefly after shooting the two. Humphrey and Kate wake up the next morning, and find themselves locked up inside of cages. On their way, they struggle to escape their cages, but fail. The two were later released by the Animal Trappers into Sawtooth National Wilderness to repopulate the area with wolves. The Animal Trappers are not seen in any scene after this.