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Candu is a beta wolf in the Western Pack.

He took part in Kate's initial hunt. When it was ruined by the Eastern wolves; Claws and Scar, he was the one to start the fight. When he was later wounded by an Eastern ambush, Hutch brought him back to the den where Eve treated him. Candu may be small, but he is a fierce wolf.


Candu is a long-furred, large beta wolf with a thick mane, a big black nose, and a white muzzle and chest. He has small orange eyes, sharp, yellowish teeth, and wide-set paws.


Alpha and Omega[]

Candu was a good Alpha in Alpha training school, along with Kate, Hutch, and other young Alphas. After the training and they finished in the spring, he joins Kate's hunting party and hunts the caribou. Unfortunately, the Eastern hunting group were also there and ruined their hunt. A fight with the rival hunting party began by, calling them "stupid eastern dogs" and attacking them. After a while of fighting, Humphrey and his gang breaks up the fight and stops it from continuing.

Later that day, he was jumped by a bunch of Eastern wolves who presumably viciously attacked him, and Hutch brought him to the den for healing. When Eve looked on, she saw his wounds; they marred his shoulder and back, as well as being deep, fresh, and welling with blood. Knowing how urgent these injuries were, she tells Candu and another presumed hunting partner to follow her into the den for healing.


  • "I'm still going to tear this snaggle-toothed fool apart."
  • "What's your problem, you stupid eastern dog?! That was our hunt."
  • "Aw... it ain't nothin'."


  • There is some confusion among fans on the correct spelling of his name: On the ending credits of Alpha and Omega, he is credited as "Can-Do," but the original soundtrack has a track titled "Candu Was Jumped" (the track is played when this very line is said), leading many to believe this is the correct spelling. It is possible that both spellings were used when the character was in development, but this remains unconfirmed.
  • The subtitles also spell his name as "Can-Do."
  • Candu seems to have anger issues, but this is also unconfirmed.
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  • A wolf identical to Candu was seen in in the Rabbit Poo Mountain pack in Legend of Saw Tooth Cave. This may also have been Candu, who perhaps left the Western Pack. However, it probably was just an re-usage of the same model and skin colors as there are also wolves in that pack who resemble Claws and Nars, and Sweets.


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