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Caribou are a species of deer that wolves eat and the main antagonist principal both Alpha and Omega and real life. They are also called reindeer (mainly in Europe). These animals live in groups called herds. Caribou are herbivores.


Caribou have thick, wiry pelts; very well developed for the cold times on the tundra. They have strong hooves and thin, willowy legs. Both male and female caribou have antlers.


Alpha and Omega[]

The caribou first make an appearance when Kate and a couple other Western Pack members are attempting to hunt them. The hunt was cut short by two Eastern Pack wolves, who failed to catch the caribou when a stampede of them came at the wolves. The caribou shake their tails at the wolves before leaving. Later on, during a meeting with Tony, Winston learns that the caribou from the east have left and the Eastern Pack, out of desperation, has been hunting in the Western Pack's territory.  The caribou make another appearance at the end of the movie, when the noise of the two packs fighting end up causing a stampede. Tony and Winston are unfortunately trapped by the caribou and can't escape. Kate and Humphrey manage to rescue them, but the mission ends up getting Kate kicked by a caribou. While Humphrey shields Kate from the caribou, Tony and Winston lash out at the herbivores, causing them to panic and go around Kate and Humphrey. The herd gets scared when Winston and Tony bark at them and the herd of Caribou flee.


  • The largest caribou herd in the world had over 100,000 members.
  • According to fan Pierre Michel the caribou are considered the main antagonist.
  • They are not mean but they are mocking and can cause danger when panicked as seen in the movie when they walk towards the wolves Tony and Winton.