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Claudette is one of Humphrey's and Kate's three pups. She is the youngest sibling to future leader of the Western Pack, Stinky and the younger sister of omega wolf, Runt.


Claudette's appearance is similar to her mother's: a tan coat with a white underbelly. However, her mane curls, while Kate's does not. Claudette also has her mother's brown eyes.


Claudette's personality is similar to her father's. She's playful and always ready for an adventure.

Though she is an alpha, she still wants to have fun and log board. This is shown to us in the beginning of the second movie.


Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Claudette is first seen walking along with her brothers Stinky and Runt through the forest, having a look at the place where their parents Kate and Humphrey used to log board. After a few discussions with her siblings, Runt decides to climb up a tree to display her uniqueness; much to Stinky and Claudette's shock since Stinky states "it is unsightly for a wolf to be climbing a tree." At the top, Runt can see Banff; an enemy territory where rogue wolves live. Then, Runt notices three wolves, not from their pack, coming their way. When Stinky and Claudette wonder if they could be the rogue wolves from Banff their grandfather Winston told them about, Runt asks them out loud who they are, which causes them to run. After a fight with a grizzly bear against the two pups and only two rogue wolves, Runt mysteriously vanishes from the tree.

Alpha and Omega 2 A Howl-iday Adventure (5)

A few moments later, Claudette and Stinky notice Runt's paw prints and Stinky, having a sharp sense of smell, deduces another wolf (the third rogue) was here and that Runt has been kidnapped by the rogues.

Claudette and Stinky return home to inform their parents. At night, while everyone is asleep, Claudette and Stinky set out to help their parents find Runt; thanks to Stinky's snout. In the morning, they find their parents along with Marcel and Paddy on the other side of a stream. Despite their parents' warnings and the birds' attempts to talk some sense into them, Claudette and Stinky defy them and try to get across on a vine as their parents once did when they were lost but their plan backfires when the vine doesn't move and the pups can't hold on. Luckily, Marcel and Paddy help swing the vine and the pups make it safely to the other side. At first, Kate and Humphrey are bit upset at them but then, they smile at them and gather for a family hug. The family continue their way until they find a lost bear cub. They decide to "adopt" the cub until they can find his mother. Then, Claudette and Stinky are asked to stay with Paddy by their parents until they return with Runt.

Later, as King, leader of the rogue wolves and Claudette's pack's enemy, and some rogue wolves are distracted by Humphrey (and Garth) posing as "a mighty alpha" called Lockjaw, while Princess guards Runt with Kate sneaking from behind, she is asked by her father to come forth and meet Humphrey halfway; leaving Runt alone, unguarded, and to be rescued by his mother.

As Runt is reunited with his family and after forging an alliance with grizzlies in return for taking care of their missing cub to help Tony, Winston, Garth, Lilly, Marcel, and Paddy win the battle against the rogues, Claudette and her family head to the human roads for safety. When the path gets too cold and snowy and the family is lost, Runt climbs up a tree to see the way to the human roads; much to Kate's shock. When Runt tells his family that he sees the way and tells them the way as he climbs and falls safely down into the snow, Kate is relieved and happy.

To reach the human roads the fast way, Claudette and her family log board all the way until they bump into a rock and crash-land into the snow. Then, the family continues on foot until they reach a familiar gas station where Kate and Humphrey survived Max, a "mad hunter," from the first film. As they get closer, Runt notices the blinking lights on his Christmas tree and approaches to have a better look but when Max notices Runt, Runt runs to join his family and hide from him. Then, Max decides to leave his place with the door open for an unknown reason and drive away in his truck.

After Max leaves, Claudette and her siblings run inside to see why the door was left open and the Christmas tree; despite their parents' warnings and thinking it's a trap. Inside, to Kate and Humphrey's surprise, Max actually left the door open for them to enter for food and warmth during the winter when they see their pups happily eating dog food in bowls left for them by Max next to the Christmas tree; which is possible to conclude that Max may have changed his ways since his last encounter with Kate and Humphrey.

Claudette is finally seen happily sleeping with her family as Kate tells Humphrey that "here they are; trying to get home again" to which Humphrey replies: "I think we already are." Then, the whole family sleeps for the whole winter night as the story comes to end.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

Claudette is the main protagonist in this movie, she seen in the beginning with her brothers watching a pack of wolves and pups hunt. Soon after Claudette meets Fleet a younger male wolf from the northern wolf pack. It is hinted she may have romantic feelings for him. Although she figures out that her pack (the western pack) no longer competed in the games she wanted to figure out a way to get back in the games. She is seen with her brothers looking for other critters to recruit As she finds a porcupine and a young grizzly bear to do so. Soon after she and the others ask and beg her father to coach them as he soon finally agrees to it. All the wolves seemed very impressed with Claudette's spin out. Soon one of the wolves from the northern team get injured. So they decide to do a one on match between Claudette and Fleet. Before the race Kate talks with Claudette about the race and if victory was really what she wanted. Soon the race begins and Fleet and Claudette seem to be on equal terms as they wait for one another and talk with one another during the race. Claudette also teaches him how to do the spin out very happy the he successfully did so. Soon both him and Claudette cross the finish line together both ending in a tie. In the end both Fleet and Claudette walk together as she wants to show him how to do the spin out again.

Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of The Saw Tooth Cave[]

Claudette is in the scene with Winston and lots of pups and in the scene when she and her brothers- Runt and Stinky go to the forest. Claudette was scaried there.

Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation[]

In the beginning of this film, Claudette is feeling lonely, but later, she meet her love, Fleet. She's very happy to see him back. Runt starts teasing Claudette for her puppy love to Fleet. Kate doesn't mind the fact that her daughter was taking romantic interest into Fleet just like in the third film. But in this part, this indifference is demolished.

Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs[]

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Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

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Alpha and Omega 8: Journey to Bear Kingdom[]

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  • Humphrey - Humphrey is Claudette's father. They both seem to care about one another very much. As seen with she and Stinky sneaking out to find Kate and Humphrey, both parents were mad with worry at them. Their worry increased as they decided to vine swing to them. After they successfully got to them both parents were happy and relieved. He also seems to be overprotective with her, as seen in Alpha and Omega 3. When Claudette and Fleet were flirting and hanging out with each other, he became uptight, saying that she was too young to date, unlike Kate who was happy and didn't mind it at all. He is seen cheering for her. In conclusion, both Claudette and Humphrey care and love each other very much.
  • Kate - Kate is Claudette's mother, Both have a very close bond. Claudette also got most of her looks from her mother (the same brown fur and eyes). Mainly in Alpha and Omega 3 where she is seen to be training and learning a lot of things from her mother as she learned one of her mother's moves the spinout. Claudette also seeks comfort from her mother as she talked to her when she was troubled about the race. Kate did a good job helping her out. She is seen to love her mother and look up to her. Plus Kate doesn't mind the fact that her daughter was taking romantic interest into Fleet. But in the fifth film, this indifference is demolished.
  • Stinky - Stinky and Claudette have a very good bond. They are seen a lot together and seem to know a lot about one another. In alpha and Omega 2 When a grizzly Bear enters camp they both work together to fight it off. Also when Runt gets taken away they both sneak out together wanting to help there brother. And they work together to cross the gorge to get to their parents. In Alpha and Omega 3, Stinky is one of the first pups to agree to her racing against Fleet and supported and cheered for her the whole time in Alpha and Omega 3. She is seen extremely worried about Stinky when he was missing and was determined to save him in which they did so in the end. In conclusion, both Stinky and Claudette have a tight bond.
  • Runt - Runt and Claudette have a good relationship. She seems to care about her little brother a lot, even calling him cute, which annoys him. When Runt gets taken away in Alpha and Omega 2, she and her brother are worried about him and determined to help get him back which they succeed in, although going through a lot of trouble to do so. In Alpha and Omega 3, she is seen agreeing to compete in the games with him. They both are seen to care a lot about one another. In Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation, she doesn't like it when he teases her about her crush on Fleet.
  • Winston - Winston is Claudette's maternal grandfather.
  • Eve - Eve is Claudette's maternal grandmother.
  • Lilly - Lilly is Claudette's aunt.
  • Garth - Garth is Claudette's uncle.
  • Tony -


  • Fleet - Fleet and Claudette have romantic feelings for each other. Fleet first meets Claudette when he saw her do the spin out, complementing it, he also asks for her to cheer for his team. Claudette is seen looking into his eyes for a moment. Soon after she finds a team, he is still impressed with her spin out. Claudette feels bad for him after she watches his father yelling at him. When they have to face each other in the wolf games 2 on 2. They are seen before the games flirting with one another. During the games they wait for each other and talk with one another. Soon Claudette successfully teaches him the spin out as they both cross the finish line together. In the end they are seen kissing each other and walking away with each other while having a conversation.
  • Ed- When Claudette mets Ed they just say "hi”.
  • Marcel -
  • Paddy -
  • Brent -
  • Agnes -
  • Amy -
  • Princess Canue -


  • She loosely looks like her mother & has a curly mane.
  • She looks about 11 or 12 in human years.
  • In the third film, she is shown to have a crush on Fleet.
  • In Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation, her interest is made more apparent, much to the dislike of her parents.


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