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Debbie is a minor character of Alpha and Omega and Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation.


Debbie is a blonde woman with blue eyes wearing glasses.


Not much of her personality is shown, but she appears to be friendly and calm.


Alpha and Omega[]

After Humphrey loses his and Kate's ride over a cupcake, Garn and Debbie drive off never to be seen again in the film. Garn is a big, strong motorcycle gang guy while Debbie is a short, sweet librarian lady. Garn appears to be somewhere in his late 30's while Debby appears to be somewhere in her early 40's. As explained by Marcel and Paddy, they met in a book store where Debbie worked that sold beer, where the opposites attracted and met.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

When Kate, Humphrey and the gang appear at her vacation house in Jasper Park, it scares her and she faints. When she recovers, she decides to take care of them. When she asks Humphrey what he wants to do, he instructs her to drive him and the gang to Idaho, so the hunters wouldn't be following them anymore. She says she was planning to go to Idaho and drives the gang to Idaho.




  • Garn and Debbie's relationship of how "opposites attract" most likely symbolizes Kate and Humphrey's own relationship; despite being considered against Pack Law.


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