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Eve is one of the supporting protagonists in the Alpha and Omega series. She is an alpha wolf, Winston's mate, Kate's and Lilly's mother, Stinky's, Claudette's, and Runt's grandmother. She is caring but can be vicious. Eve looks a lot like Kate.


Eve is a slender, but strong, cream-brown furred she-wolf with matching, intense brown eyes and long lashes. She as slight curls around her head, neat ears, and dark brown nose.


Eve cares greatly for her daughters Kate and Lilly, but has a real vicious and short-tempered streak. She mostly behaves sweet and caring, but in response to some things, she threatens very gruesome violent acts, and she advised Kate that if Garth got out of line to use her teeth, go for the throat, and to not stop until the body stopped shaking; these words of hers never fail to widen the eyes of everyone around her in intimidation, including Kate and Winston.

The most notable threat she makes is to Tony, the leader of the Eastern pack wolves, threatening to rip out any of his wolves' eyes and shove them down their throat, so they can see her "tear (their) carcass open". This gets a reaction from every wolf of both packs and even causes one to fall off a rock in surprise, whilst everyone else jumps back.

Still, Eve is a caring mother to her daughters and loving wife to her husband, even though she sometimes overreacts to situations involving her daughters because when Kate reveals they were taken to another park by humans, Humphrey adds that they were supposed to "repopulate". So naturally, Eve jumps to conclusions and starts strangling Humphrey until Kate convinces her that nothing happened and Humphrey helped her get back. So, Eve stops and pulls Humphrey to his feet, sweetly saying, "What a nice boy". It is also evident that she seems to suffer from some type of dissociate identity disorder, which can easily be backed up by her constant and quick "shifts" from her natural nurturing and caring motherly instincts to her aggressive, threatening alter-ego, but still very friendly.


Not much is shown about Eve's past. She has a short temper and when peaked goes full wolf on attackers or what ever makes her angry. She threatens violence and attempts to scare others with evil ideas. She likes hunting and loves her mate, Winston. She is sometimes impatient with others. When not angered she shows a calm and passionate personality.


Alpha and Omega[]


Eve teaches her older daughter- Kate in alpha school. In this movie she is first seen at the den, hoping that Kate's first hunt was success but sees the disappointment on Kate's face. Angry with the Eastern Pack Wolves ruining Kate's first hunt, Eve growls and snaps her jaws, but Winston relieves her by telling her that the Omegas were there to break up the fight. She goes inside for dinner, there's nothing but scrap and bones, but says to her daughters that any food is a blessing. She then calls for Winston for dinner in a seductive way. When Candu comes back injured from being jumped by Eastern Wolves. She tells the rest of the wolves to bring him into the den to heal them. She says, "Whoever did this, let's rip out his tail and shove it down his throat", startling Winston.

When Kate gets ready to go to the Moonlight


Eve teases Garth with a sharp low growl

Howl to meet Garth. Eve tells her she looks beautiful and if Garth steps out of line, Kate can take her teeth and go for the throat and don't let go until the body stops shaking.


Enraged Eve threatening Tony

When Kate went missing, she threatens Tony and his pack by "Ripping out his eyes and shove them down his throat so he could see her tear his carcass open", startling every wolf nearby. When Lilly suggests to show Garth around, Eve forces Garth to go with her. When Garth jumps over to the western side Eve teases him with a snarl and a little growl to startle him. She throws her hair back and states that Kate gets her instincts from her and considers it as a sweet thing then turns away.

After that, they began searching for Kate, and she finds Kate's flower lying in the grasses. When she informs Winston, he soothes her, saying Kate is the finest Alpha he have ever trained, she counters that by replying the same thing that she's also the finest Alpha she ever trained.


A night later, just before the packs are about to commit war Eve beside Lilly perched on a small ledge over looking with worry and concern. Luckily, before the packs were about to commence battle Kate returns along with Humphrey. When Humphrey adds that they were supposed to "repopulate". Eve jumps to conclusions and starts strangling Humphrey. At the Howling rock eve dancing with Winston.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Eve, Winston and Tony visited Kate and Humphrey in theirs new home.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

Eve doesn't appear in this movie but is mentioned, but when Claudette flirts with Fleet, Humphrey says "I forbid it until you're your grandma's age!".

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

Coming soon!

Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

Coming soon...

Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom[]

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Kate and Lilly[]


  • Eve is possibly a healer as she is presumably the one who healed Candu after he was jumped by a group of Eastern wolves.
  • The entire 2 minutes of Eve's debut consists of sound-only audio by her, as she does not speak until she enters the cave to talk to Kate.
  • She doesn't appear in Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games, but she is mentioned by Humphrey when he says, "I forbid it until you're your grandma's age!" to Claudette when she flirts with Fleet.
  • Some fans call her Scary Eve.
  • It is unknown what makes her so protective of her daughters.


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