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Fleet is a supporting character in the Alpha and Omega movie series and is the love interest of Claudette, the only daughter of Kate and Humphrey.


He is a shaggy brown coat, white and cream paws and blue eyes. In Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom his brown fur is darker.


Fleet is headstrong and independent, and a little bit stubborn. His personality is similar to his father, Nars, who would consider cheating to win a competition. Fleet shows a soft side when it comes to his relationship with Claudette.


Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

When Fleet first meets Claudette, they look into each other's eyes and it is love at first sight. Fleet is nice to Claudette, but once she beats him in the first round of the Great Games and his father, Nars, yells at him, he starts to be mean to her. He warms back up to her after she insults Nars saying, "I'm sure Fleet's games will be better than your games." They end up tying in the Great Games and walk off together after kissing when Marcel and Paddy push them together.

Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation

Fleet, Brent, and Agnes go off to search for Humphrey, Kate, and their pups. When Marcel and Paddy show up, asking what they are doing, the three tell them what is happening. Marcel and Paddy don't think it's a good idea, but they know Fleet won't give up after he tells them that he won't stop until he finds Claudette. It is then revealed that Fleet and Claudette are dating. The three eventually find Humphrey, Kate, and their pups being chased by wolf catchers.

It is made clear that Humphrey and Kate do not approve of the relationship between Fleet and Claudette. On the train when Fleet goes towards Claudette, Humphrey steps in and hugs Claudette while Fleet walks away.

Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom

Stinky and Runt are in the Eastern Forest pretending to introduce Claudette and her king, Fleet, to the kingdom. Agnes then tries to introduce Brent, but he was in the middle of a nap, so they gave up.


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  • According to Nars, Fleet is the fastest pup in The Northern Pack since he says "No one is faster than my son." and this may only apply to Northern pups since he hasn't seen Claudette's talent.