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Garth is the secondary tritagonist of Alpha and Omega. He is Lilly's husband, Tony's son, Humphrey's and Kate's brother-in-law, Winston's and Eve's son-in-law, and Stinky, Claudette, and Runt's uncle.


Garth is a muscular wolf and his fur is russet and he has a cream snout, chest, stomach, and paws. He has pine green eyes and is bigger and taller than Humphrey.


As the packs, now united as one, Garth is howling with Lilly by his side on Howling Rock. Garth howls beautifully with a blue bird singing backup, and is complimented by his new mate, Lilly. Garth seems like an arrogant alpha jock at first, but he's actually a really friendly wolf.

Unlike his father, Tony. Garth is a skilled alpha and he's physically fit, but initially he has the worst howl of any wolf. His howl is so bad, it makes birds drop out of the sky in mid-flight. Garth knows he has the worst howl, but Garth acts confident to try to hide his insecurities about his howling but it does bother him. In the first movie, however, Lilly teaches him how to improve his howl, and he now is a beautiful howler.


Alpha and Omega[]

Garth's father, Tony, met up with Winston, the alpha of The Western Pack to agree to unite their packs by marrying Winston's daughter, Kate, to Garth and they could meet each other at the the Moonlight Howl. He is not mentioned until Tony points out that his son, Garth, and Winston's daughter, Kate, would marry and unite the packs.

Garth isn't seen until later at the the Moonlight Howl where he is standing on a rock with his chest out and a star shooting behind him. He appears to recognize Kate. Kate asks questions about his personality and seems surprised when she over-hears Tony and Winston talking about their marriage.

Alpha and Omega Garth6

Garth standing in grass

Garth does meet Kate at the Moonlight Howl showing himself to be kind of a jock because he's into fitness. But when he howls, Kate is mortified by how bad Garth's howl is. It even makes birds drop out of the sky in mid-flight. Kate excuses herself to get a drink of water, Garth nervously saying he'll be waiting for her but he seems to know he blew it. Kate jets off like a speeding bullet.

When news about Kate's disappearance reaches the the Eastern Pack, Tony confronts Winston and during the conversation, Winston's younger daughter, Lilly, offers to show Garth around since Kate stood him up, and Garth denies that Kate stood him up, and Eve shouts his name. Garth gulps and says it sounds good to him. After he jumps over to the the Western Pack territory, all eyes are on him, and Eve growls at him, making him whimper and run towards Lilly.

Garth and Lilly get to know each other more. Lilly makes Garth laugh by doing two impressions of turtles and Garth shows her a few moves he worked on from his alpha moves. He tries to teach Lilly how to hunt like him but her lack of self-confidence leads her to embarrassing herself in front of him. He then moves the fur that covers Lilly's left eye thinking it would help and is amazed how beautiful her eyes are. It is at this point that Garth contemplates life without omegas.

When night falls, Lilly helps Garth improve his howl to the point where the birds dance along to his howling. Garth and Lilly develop feelings for each other. But then Garth notices the the Eastern Pack approaching and sends Lilly away, fearing for her safety. When Tony notices Lilly leaving, he berates Garth for howling with an omega and proclaims they're going to take the valley by storm. But before any fight can take place, Kate, along with Humphrey, arrive before a war starts, and Kate agrees to marry Garth to unite the packs, and Humphrey is sad.

Alpha and Omega Garth

Garth looking back at Lilly, who is heartbroken

When Garth turns to leave, he notices Lilly, who is heartbroken. When the marriage comes, Garth and Kate go through the mating ritual but at the final step, Kate backs out, and Garth quietly expresses his happiness, but then he quickly covers himself up by asking that she can't in a surprised tone. Then, Tony demands Winston to tell him why Kate can't marry Garth. Kate is hesitant to answer but she says she fell in love with an omega. Tony is skeptical, but Kate admitting her true feelings gives Garth the courage to admit he too fell in love with an omega, and that omega is Lilly.

Tony, in outrage and offense, declares war, then the packs collide in a massive battle. The fight between the packs is cut short by a stampede of Caribou. When all the other pack members are safe, Winston and Tony are trapped by the caribou and need to run to avoid getting stepped on. Humphrey and Kate meet up and race to save them. But after they almost get behind the broken log next to Tony and Winston, Kate gets kicked unconscious by a caribou, everyone thinks she's dead. This leads Humphrey to lead the two packs to howl a requiem for her. Kate wakes and she and Humphrey admit their love while Winston says it could work, and now alphas and omegas are allowed to marry.

Lilly and Garth-0

Garth snuggling Lilly and howling with her next to him on Howling Rock

Garth and Lilly are happy and Lilly playfully pounces on Garth and they rub noses to symbolize that they are mates. Humphrey and Kate do the mating ritual and get married, too.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Garth visits Lilly's family with Lilly for a family dinner. Garth says that he and Lilly took a little detour. Tony tells Garth that he wants him to know what life is like living in a cave and Garth says he and Lilly like living in the tall grass.

After Runt goes missing, Garth walks up into a den. Lilly offers to go with the alpha but Garth says it's an alpha affair. Lilly corrects him by saying it's actually a family affair.

After Winston and Tony find out that Stinky and Claudette sneaked out, Tony mentions that Stinky and Claudette are sly little guys and that they take after their parents. Garth is standing next to Winston and he is walking along with them.

Tony and Winston are talking about fighting the King Pack and Paddy points out Marcel. Garth questions if that's actually Marcel.

Lilly says that she's staying with them and she says that she is smart.

Garth says that the King Pack has three times as many wolves as them, so they will fight four times as hard.

Winston, Tony, Garth, and Lilly are getting ready to fight the the King Pack when bears crowd around them. A bear cub says that they're all their friends but all the other wolves are fair game.

Garth pounces on one King Pack wolf and he is cornered by three wolves. One of them points out that he's married to a weak omega. A log rolls onto the three wolves and Garth looks up to see where it came from. He sees Lilly and he finds out she rolled that log.

After they defeated the the King Pack, Winston, Tony, Garth, and Lilly watch all the King Pack wolves run away while laughing at them.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

Garth is not seen in this movie, he is mentioned to be on an extended hunting trip.



  • Tony -Garth and his father did not show themselves as close in the first film, and in the same movie, Tony disapproved of his son howling with Lilly his soon-to-be mate, as she was an omega. However, he did, when Garth and Kate's marriage was happening, signal to Garth to move closer to Kate. But after Kate and Garth both revealed they were in love with omegas, Tony got offended, and started a fight, which caused the Caribou to stampede, and trap him and the Western pack leader, Winston. When Kate, who was thought dead, professed her love for Humphrey, the 2 pack leaders abolished the Omega-Alpha ranks, allowing Garth and Lilly to marry, which a reformed Tony didn't object to.
  • Lilly -He only met Lilly briefly at the Moonlight Howl when he was on a date with Kate. And Lily was sent away with Humphrey, as he was another omega wolf. Then when both Kate and Humphrey disappeared (standing up Garth at the same time), Lilly asked Garth to check out the Western pack territories, as a way of saying sorry. Garth agreed after Eve shouted his name. While on Rabbit Poo mountain, Lilly manages to impress Garth with her turtle acts, so much so, they become friends and Garth offers to teach Lilly a few Alpha skills. The next day, he shows of a new skill of his to Lilly, who compliments him. He then convinces her to try once, which leads to her stick herself in a tree hole and get a piece of bark on her back. On seeing her get sad about this mess-up, Garth then pushes away the fur covering her left eyes, thinking it'll help and gets surprised by Lilly's eyes and their beauty. Made confident by his praise, Lilly helps Garth learn to howl properly, howling with him, which makes the 2 of them realize they're in love with one another. With his pack coming, Garth sends Lilly away, and afterwards, sees her heartbroken at his marrying Kate, who has returned to stop a fight. Garth looks at Lilly before he starts the marriage, but after he sees Kate backing away and revealing she loves an Omega, Garth gets the courage to say the same. After the caribou stampede and the abolishment of ranks, Lilly and Garth are overjoyed, and they nuzzle snouts to show they're mates. They nuzzle again at the movies end at the Moonlight Howl.
  • Kate -
  • Humphrey -
  • Winston -
  • Eve -


  • "No worries! I'll just uh...keep my vocal chords warm!"
  • *Scoffs* "I wouldn't say stood up."
  • "Sounds good to me!'
  • "Oh! I get it, you're a funny omega!"
  • "Okay! Make me laugh!"
  • "Uh... you got me!"
  • "That's pretty good."
  • *Laughs* "What else can you do?"
  • "Okay it's my turn. Wanna see something an alpha can do?"
  • "Maybe this will help."
  • "Wow!"
  • "Your eyes! They're beautiful!"
  • "I know. It's not very good, is it?"
  • "Dad. I also am in love with an omega!"
  • "Who's the coyote?"
  • "Well, I'm really into fitness you know"
  • "Rabbit sprints, tree squats"
  • "But you know us alphas. Gotta keep fit to lead the pack"
  • "But what really gets me going is..." *howls really badly*
  • "Was it uh...good for you?"
  • "Lilly and I like living in the grass, the 'very tall' grass".


  • Garth's name has several meanings:
    • English: a variant of Gareth.
    • Norse: Defender.
    • Scandinavian: Garden.
    • Swedish: Protector.
  • Garth is named after a country music artist, Garth Brooks.
  • Garth and his eventual brother-in-law, Humphrey, said the same line interference to their eventual mates. They both said "Sounds good to me!" In Humphrey's case, agreeing to repopulate with Kate, and Garth agreeing to Lilly showing him her pack's territory, and it made Garth fall in love with Lilly.
  • Garth didn't seem to have a crush on Lilly when Kate and Lilly first saw him standing tall in front of the moon, but Lilly leaned against Kate and said "Wow!" like she had a crush on Garth when she first saw him.
  • Upon first meeting him, Humphrey called Garth Barf out of jealousy.
  • Kate ditches Garth when she hears his howl but later, Lilly teaches him how to howl properly.
  • It is possible that Garth still succeeded in uniting the packs because he married Lilly, and Lilly is a member of the Western Pack.
  • Garth does not appear at any point on the Blu-Ray and DVD main menu when all the other main characters, and a few minor characters do.
  • Aside from a short flashback scene in Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation, Garth has never shown up in the rest of the sequels, ever since Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure. He is only mentioned where he is and what he's doing.


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