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Griffin is one of the trappers who appears as one of the main antagonists (alongside Jethro) in Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation and one of the secondary antagonists in Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs.


Griffon is the smaller of the two trappers.


Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs




  • Just great, Jethro! Where did you learn to shoot, dang it?
  • What is this log doing in the middle of this field?
  • You know what? We need to get us some dang wolf cubs, we get 3 times more for them.
  • Then we'll have to find them ourselves.
  • It's like every creature in the dang forest is protecting them!
  • Get him off me!!
  • Don't shoot!! Don't shoot!! You a lousy dang shot!!
  • Look!! Wolf pups!! Three dang wolf pups!!


  • Griffon's is the same as the unnamed worker at Todd's Gas Station in the first movie.