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Hutch is a beta wolf of the Western Pack and Winston's apparent 2nd-in-command.


He is distinguished by his long black mane, gray fur, and white face with sharp yellow eyes.


Hutch is shown to be determined, wily, and proud. He is cautious and careful, as shown by leading a seriously injured Can-do back to the Pack for treatment, and concern when Kate's hunt fails due to two eastern wolves. But he is strong and not afraid to fight, directly challenging the eastern wolves and launching into a brief skirmish over lost prey. He also appears, ready to shed blood, on the night of the full moon. But his loyalty and grief is revealed when he too raises his head to howl for Kate's supposed death.


Alpha and Omega[]

Hutch is part of the hunting group led by Kate on her first hunt, and when the hunt fails due to interference from two Eastern pack wolves, Hutch expresses concern for Kate. He then gets into a fight with the two eastern wolves but the conflict is broken up by Humphrey and his omegas. When the fighting is quelled, Winston appears and orders the western hunt group back to the den.

Later, Hutch brings Candu to Winston and Eve after another hunt was interfered by the Eastern wolves and they jumped Can-do, inflicting serious injuries along his shoulder and back. Hutch reports the situation is getting out control and stations the alpha wolves on guard and alert which he's already done which Winston commends him.

Alpha and Omega Hutch

Hutch informing Winston

When Kate goes missing he's among the wolves searching for her, and on the eve before the deadline Tony gave for Kate to return, Hutch reports to Winston they can't find a trace of Kate, to which Winston replies they must defend their territory and goes off to ready the pack for battle.

Hutch later appears, snarling and ready for battle on the night of the full moon, the two packs having met to do battle. Luckily no bloodshed takes place by the timely arrival of Kate and Humphrey.

Hutch attend the wedding of Kate and Garth but is surprised that she backs out. A fight ensues but is cut short by a stampede of caribou and all the wolves, except for Winston and Tony, make it to safety. Luckily they are saved by Humphrey and Kate. When Kate is seemingly trampled to death, Hutch joins in when Humphrey howls a requiem for her, but they are all happy to see Kate alive. Winston and Tony unite the packs under a marriage between Garth and Lilly, abolishing the rule of social class, and Hutch is seen joining in on the celebration at Howling Rock.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

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Hutch made a small brief cameo appearance in the sequel. He was seen for a second, at night, lined up next to some other Alphas and Betas ready to go at daybreak to rescue one of Kate and Humphrey's missing pups: Runt, kidnapped by rogue wolves from Banff and led by King, as Garth was organizing and inspecting them for readiness. Hutch wasn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.



  • Hutch is called Winston's "second-in-command", meaning he might be a Beta wolf. This seems to be supported in the "Wolves in the Wild" feature on the DVD, as a screenshot of Hutch is shown when Betas are mentioned.
  • Candu and Hutch are hunting partners.
  • Despite being a minor character, Hutch is very popular among the fans.
  • Hutch's hair tufts and markings are reminiscent of a plain's Indian war bonnet and war paint.


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