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King is the main antagonist of the Alpha and Omega franchise, who first appeared in A Howl-iday Adventure and then returned in The Big Fureeze. He is the leader of the rogues and the father of Princess.



As a leading rogue, King's primary concern is gaining power for himself and his wolves. This extends to his willingness to abduct a cub to lure the other pack and then, kill said cub when his usefulness ends. Despite this though, King seems to legitimately care for his daughter Princess, even if he is willing to use her as a slave (such as when he was convinced that the "mighty Alpha" Humphrey wanted her as a mate). He even appears shocked rather than angry when she refuses to follow through with his orders in the end.

He insults Runt's size as a sign of impurity and weakness among Winston's pack for permitting an Alpha to marry and mate with an Omega. Throughout, he also preaches about the strength of his Master Alphas Wolves for their "purity" and refusal to permit Omegas from working within their group. This is also notable by how he fawns over Humphrey's "mighty Alpha" disguise, claiming it as a powerful Alpha wolf.



King is Princess's father. He started a new pack after being denied leadership by Winston and became a rogue.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

King is first seen at night in Banff, awaiting the return of some of his rogue wolves with some bait (in this case, Kate and Humphrey's pups: Stinky, Claudette, and Runt) for Winston, Tony, Kate, and Humphrey only to find them returning with Runt as bait instead.

At the first sight of Runt, King mocks his size and stature: "This small wolf is Winston's grandpup?" then, laughs "the great Alpha of the Western Pack is producing runts." After Runt replies if "he's got a problem with that," King adds: "See what happens when you let your Alpha daughter marry an Omega?" Runt then asks who he is and King replies by his name and then, Runt correctly guesses the female wolf next to King to be Princess, King's daughter. Then, Runt tells King "not to blame him... if he was rejected by his grandpa," which causes King to growl a little at the pup until Princess calms him down and decides to take charge of the pup.  

A few moments later, seeing as to how weak and cold the Omega is, King states that "if he were pure Alpha, he wouldn't be cold." When noticing Princess approaching the pup, King asks her what she is doing and she replies: "Making sure our bait stays alive." but one rogue wolf (one of the rogues who kidnapped Runt in the first place) states that this is against Pack Law and this is what they fight against. Then, King scolds at the rogue: "If you would've brought more bait, she wouldn't have to do this. We leave at daybreak."

In the morning, King and the rogues move on and bring Runt to another spot so as to be seen by their enemies and let them be lured to their trap. After a fierce growl fight starts between Princess and a rogue, who would've attacked Runt after being mocked by him, and ends with the wolf falling aside from a rock step, King; having witnessed the whole thing, cruelly tells Princess that if their enemies do not send a rescue brigade by sundown, Runt will be of no further use to them. Princess doesn't like this idea but regretfully agrees to it.

Seeing as to how Tony and Winston haven't come for Runt, King finds it a bit strange; stating that "this is not like Winston and Tony." Later, King and some rogue wolves are being distracted by Humphrey (and Garth) posing as "a mighty Alpha" while Princess guards Runt with Kate sneaking from behind. King asks Princess to come forth and meet Humphrey halfway; leaving Runt alone, unguarded, and to be rescued by his mother.

After the trick is discovered and seeing as to how their enemies' numbers are very little, King orders his Alphas to attack and then, orders Princess to lead the rest of their pack to their enemies' territory and claim it as their own but Princess refuses "this time" and runs off (much to King's shock rather than anger); leaving him and some of the pack to fight and lose against their enemies (now allied with grizzly bears too). King is last seen unsuccessfully ordering his retreating pack to stop only to get run over and dragged along with them in the end.

Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

King was first seen when he spotted the pups and the critters sliding down the hill and is out for revenge, due to his rogue pack being destroyed following the events in the second movie. With Hench being his only back-up, King charges for the pups, preparing to kill them. Stinky senses them coming closer and they all try to get away across the frozen pond. However, Brent falls through the ice and almost drowns. As the others try to get Brent out of the water, Claudette distracts Hench while King goes after Runt. After a struggle, the pups manage to save Brent and escape.

King and Hench went after the pups, only to be joined by the twins, Lyle and Link, who betrayed their pack and went rogue, due to the lack of food. Stinky senses King and Hench again, this time joined by Lyle and Link, and they all hide in the same cave the two wolves hid. Kate and Humphrey finally come across the caribou they've been looking for, only to be cornered by the grizzlies. The pups enter the bears' cave where Kate and Humphrey were hiding and manage to scare the rogues away, by making it look like the bears are in there.

While this is going on, Kate and Humphrey try to fight the bears, but the two of them get separated by the blizzard. They're reunited shortly after, and Kate distracts the bears while Humphrey goes to find a log on which they can logboard down the mountain. The pups arrive and notice their parents logboarding down the mountain with the three bears close behind. Claudette, Agnes and Runt distract the rogues while Brent and Stinky find a log to do the same thing their parents do. Kate and Humphrey logboard safely down the mountain and escape the grizzlies, while the pups and the critters deal with the rogues. They fly over a passing train, escaping King and reuniting with Kate and Humphrey. As the animals make their way across the valley, Marcel and Paddy arrive. However, Runt's distracted and starts playing in the snow, only to be spotted by King and the rogues who chase after him. Marcel and Paddy knock them, but King continues to chase after Runt. Just as Runt is about to get killed, Kate and Humphrey violently tackle King to the ground. Defeated, King runs off, never to be seen again.






  • "This small wolf is Winston's grandpup? The great alpha of the western pack is producing runts!"
  • "If you would've brought more bait, she wouldn't have to do this. We leave at daybreak."
  • "If they don't send a rescue brigade by sundown, the runt is of no use to us. Do you understand me?"
  • "Do I have to do everything myself?"
  • "Ah, look at that, meals on wheels! And I didn't even order room service!"


  • It is also notable how King serves as a dark foil to Tony's portrayal from the first film. Tony's motives then were motivated by a refusal to abandon tradition and the desire to ensure his pack's livelihood. However, King is motivated by a lust for power and control and cares for his pack primarily as an extension of his beliefs. Both are parents who would use their own children in mating plots, although Tony sought unity through their Alpha/Alpha traditions, whereas King purely wants any opportunity to ensure the Rogues' "purity" to accommodate his ego as a leader. While Tony eventually came to change his ways, King remains with his obsessions until he is forced into retreat.
  • Oddly enough, in the third movie, King and Princess are seen sitting in the audience while watching the Games. This is strange since none of the Rogues, especially King, weren't granted amnesty at the end of the second movie, or in Great Wolf Games. It is probably due to there being a lack of original looking background models that the creators did this, though.
  • At one point in The Great Wolf Games Humphrey refers to one wolf as "Mr. King". Whether or not this is the same King from the previous movie is unknown.
  • It's slightly implied that King might be going insane, thanks to him being obsessed of wanting to get revenge on the Western Pack.
  • When King sees Clawdette run towards him, he makes a remark about "meals on wheels" and "room service". Him being a wild wolf with no implied or known knowledge about human customs, he should not logically know these terms.


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