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Mac is the main antagonist of Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs. He is the leader of the human diggers and the twin brother of Ian.


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Unlike his twin brother, Ian, Mac is more greedy, selfish, arrogant, and ignorant. However, he was also a coward, as proven by his fear of the T-Rex coming back to life.


Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs[]

Mac has build a golf course near the site, which upsets his brother Ian, who is an environmentalist. The humans have also built fake dens nearby for wolves. Both men arrive to the burial ground, as Mac explains that a museum will pay him millions of dollars for finding rare dinosaur bones. As the two trappers from the fifth film are digging, the sunlight causes Amy to magically be brought back to life.

The next day, Mac sends more diggers to help Jethro and Griffin dig up the area, as Amy and the wolves come up with a plan to distract and lure them away. At first, they make it seem like the humans are surrounded by wolves on every angle by howling, which frightens some of the diggers and makes them retreat back into their trucks. This is followed by a stampede of caribou, driving the rest of the diggers away. Mac finally snaps and angrily starts digging for the bones, along with Jeffro and Griffin. However, the ground starts to shake and the T-Rex comes back to life as the ray of light shines through the hole. The T-Rex then chases Jeffro and Griffin away, and then goes after Mac to throw him away from the burial ground.


  • Mac is considered one of the worst and most forgettable characters and antagonists in the entire franchise, as he has very little screen time and is an one-dimensional bland character.
  • He, alongside his twin brother Ian, shares the same model and appearance as Max.


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