Magril is Nars's daughter and Fleet's sister and The Pups Friend Team. She's is a Northern Pack wolf.


Magril looks a little bit like Claudette, the daughter of Humphrey and Kate, but the two aren't at all related.


Magril is first seen as a shy and timid, yet kind of boastful wolf or competitor during the Great Games.

Her boastfulness is mainly seen when she beats Claudette after sending a pile of rocks toppling down onto her, and it was mentioned as cheating.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

Magril was first seen with Fleet as they were first introduced to the main protagonists of the movie, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt.

After cheating and pushing rocks down towards Claudette, Fleet tells Nars that she's hurt. Magril whispers to Fleet and Fleet tells her no. Nars demands her to know if she's okay and he demands her to talk to her. Fleet says that Magril is terrified of Nars and that she's out of the games.

Magril has been last seen at the end as Fleet and Claudette exiting the field, after running in the Great Games.



Magril doesn't have a close relation with her father because in the third movie, it is revealed that she is terrified of him because he is a little rough.


Magril has a close relation with Fleet because she keeps whispering to him every time she has to talk.


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  • Magril whispers to Fleet, even if it's not with Nars because when Fleet was talking about the Great Games with Claudette, Stinky, and Runt, Magril was whispering about it to Fleet.
  • Magril only whispers in Fleet's ears possibly because she has speech impairments and that's how she speaks and Fleet states to his father Nars that Magril can't speak up because she is terrified of her father.
  • You can't really hear what she's saying to Fleet, so she has no quotes.
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