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Max is one of the humans working at the "Tod's Gas" station that Garn and Debbie, Kate and Humphrey are riding in stop at en-route to Jasper. Max is of a smaller build than his co-worker and has a particularly luxurious moustache.


Alpha and Omega[]

Max is first mentioned when an unnamed co-worker comes out of one of the buildings on the site, mistakenly referring to Humphrey as a "rabid wolf" (due to the cupcake frosting on his muzzle) and calling "Max, bring that gun!" Max then appears, aiming the gun at Humphrey and proclaiming "This is it for you wolf, any last wishes?" However, before Max can fire, he is pounced on by Kate, buying enough time for the wolves to make a run for the fence at the edge of the premesis. Max doesn't appear to be a particularly good shot with a firearm however, when he fires, he manages to miss both cornered wolves and break a large enough hole in the fence for the wolves to escape. He is last seen, along with his fellow employee in the distance as Humphrey and Kate retreat from the truck-stop.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]


A much older Max in the sequel

Max is seen for a short while and has no speaking dialogue. After Kate, Humphrey, and their pups: Stinky, Claudette, and Runt log board all the way until they bump into a rock and crash-land into the snow to reach the human roads for safety, they continue on foot until they reach the "Todd's Gas" station where Kate and Humphrey survived Max. As they get closer, one of the pups; Runt notices the blinking lights on Max's Christmas tree and approaches to have a better look but when Max notices Runt, Runt runs to join his family and hide from him. Then, Max decides to leave his place with the door open for an unknown reason and drive away in his truck.

After Max leaves, the pups run inside to see why the door was left open; despite Kate and Humphrey's warnings and thinking it's a trap. Inside, to Kate and Humphrey's surprise, Max actually left the door open for them to enter for food and warmth during the winter when they see their pups happily eating dog food in bowls left for them by Max next to the Christmas tree; which is possible to conclude that Max may have changed his ways since his last encounter with Kate and Humphrey.


  • It's possible that the unnamed co-worker, Max was with, is named Todd.
  • Max is the only human to appear in Alpha and Omega 2.
  • Max is voiced by Marcelo Tubert, while his co-worker is voiced by Toby Huss.
  • In a picture its mentioned that Max has a daughter and two sons revealed that he might be divorced or widowed.
  • Max's shotgun appears to be based off of a Winchester Model 25.


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