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The starting of the first Moonlight Howl scene

The Moonlight Howl is a wolf prom, rave, or party. Mates go here to sing, dance, and howl at the moon. It is also where wolves go to find mates. Kate met Garth at a Moonlight Howl. This was implied when Humphrey said he and his friends would go to Howling Rock for the girls.

The first Moonlight Howl, Kate met Garth, the son of Tony from the Eastern Pack. Kate was mortified when she heard Garth's bad howl, and his howl even caused birds to fall from the sky mid-flight and had also his head stuck in efficiency. When Garth howls really bad, Kate appears a little embarrassed.

Garth howls good with Lilly by his side. The two wolves are surrounded by birds, and these birds did not fall from the sky when Garth howls.


  • During the first Moonlight Howl scene, the wolves are not actually howling at a full moon. They are howling at a waning gibbous moon.