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The moose makes minor appearances in the franchise so far. In Jasper National Park, a moose symbolizes the park on a billboard for there for it is an iconic animal of the park along with the caribou.



Alpha and Omega[]


In the first film he was seen standing in the stream eating while Humphrey gave chase with Marcel. While this Marcel flew Humphrey into the moose wedged between his antlers. While Humphrey and Kate travel on train back to Jasper Park, a billboard signify's a moose.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]


The moose makes a small appearance in the film from by appearing from behind a rock. Its unclear if the moose was hiding due a stampede of wolves and caribou or he was participating in the games. Later, a moose is seen on a cliff along with other animals overlooking at the wolf games beginning to start.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]


While the pack and there friends try to escape the wolf trappers. They stop to sense a moose present leading to Humphrey's flashback with his embarrassing encounter with a moose. Starting with Marcel flew Humphrey into the moose's butt and gets farted on while literally hugging the moose's butt in the process before passing out and falling into the river and screams much to his shock and embarrassment for which he had to go to counseling. The moose appears and confronts Humphrey with scowl in a seemingly mad and accusing way. Humphrey doesn't recognizes him at first then the moose turns around and shows his butt (possibly showing an imprint on his butt left by Humphrey) and then realizes it was him still embarrassed of the incident.


  • Humphrey's moose embarrassing encounter in three different scenarios with first in the trailer Humphrey flies into the moose and gets his head has clattered face-first into its bottom, possibly getting its head lodged in the moose's rectum in the process. The second was in the first movie, Humphrey actually flew onto the moose's antlers and the third Humphrey flies face-first into the moose's butt and gets farted on and literally hugging the moose's butt. He screams as the moose lifts his tail as if he was going to poop on him.  However, this never happened in the first movie in the first film due to a different script.
  • Humphrey might have left an imprint on the moose's but during his encounter. 'Cause in the fifth film as the moose turns to show his butt to him is that he's possibly showing an imprint on his butt because Humphrey didn't recognize him at first.
  • This is one animal that they should strongly include more often in remaining of the sequels.


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