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Nars is Fleet's and Magril's father and Northern Team coach for the Great Games. He is the (former) main antagonist in Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games.


Nars is a well-built and strong wolf. He has white fur on his chest, his underside, on half of his legs, and on the sides of his snout. The rest of his body has brown fur.


Nars starts out as a competitive wolf who even considers cheating to win a competition. Then, after Fleet's Games end in a tie, Nars gets more softer and nicer.

Nars is a hard and tough coach for the Northern Team. He is hard on his son, Fleet, and Nars wants Fleet to be a winner in his Games.


Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

Nars is first seen after Fleet and Claudette meet. He demands Fleet to get back to training.

He then makes his team for the Great Games do warm ups before the first game. He walks to Humphrey and his team and they introduce themselves. Nars drifts off after he says that he had a dream about that day. He apologizes to his father for losing to Kate in his Games. Then he opens his eyes and he realizes that everyone left.

During the first race, he is sitting next to Humphrey and he is expressing his amazement that a bear is keeping pace with the alphas. Then he tells Humphrey that no one is faster than his son. When Fleet and Claudette have one more turn to do before reaching the finish line, Humphrey tells Claudette to do the spin out, and Nars is shocked. He says he hasn't seen that move since his Games, and he doesn't seem to care that the Western Team won.

At the night after that day, he is telling his son, Fleet, to play a little rougher tomorrow. Fleet questions Nars why because the Western Team has a bear and a porcupine. Nars doesn't give any reasons.

At the next race, Nars has told his team to cheat. Nars nods to Fleet, and then Fleet nods to Magril. At the starting of the race, a yellow wolf from the Northern Team shoves into Stinky and makes him almost fall off of the rock he was on. He then stands back up and keeps jumping. Marcel and Paddy say it should be a fowl. When Claudette and Magril are the last two left racing and are close to the finish line, Magril purposely shoves into Claudette, and Humphrey, Marcel, and Paddy say they were cheating and that there should be another fowl. Nars denies it and says Magril slipped into Claudette. A goose honks to pause the race and three geese huddle and whisper. One goose says they couldn't clearly see the play and there's no fowl. Paddy gets angry and says it was as much a fowl as a chicken is a fowl.

After that race, Fleet tells Nars that Magril got hurt. Nars asks why she never speaks directly to him and he asks her if she's okay. He then demands her to speak up. Fleet answers him by saying that Magril is terrified of Nars. Then Fleet says that Magril is out of the Games.

When the Western Team is talking about the Northern Team cheating, Nars calls Humphrey over and says that Magril is hurt. Nars then says that they could finish the Great Games two ways. They either default, or they do a different race and the winner takes all. Humphrey seems confused and asks how many pups would be racing and Nars answers him by saying it would be just Fleet against Claudette, and the race would start on the rocks and it would end in the fields because Fleet is strong on the rocks and Claudette is strong on the field. He then wonders if Claudette's Games will be as good as her mom's Games. Claudette has a good comeback and says that she's sure Fleet's Games will be better than Nars's Games. Nars gets angry and he walks away.

Claudette teaches Fleet how to do the spin out on the day before the final race. After Fleet tries to do the spin out, he messes up and he lands in a bush. Nars then sees him and Claudette runs on a rock where she can watch them. Nars asks Fleet why he isn't training and Fleet says he's trained enough and he walks away. Nars angrily follows him and threatens to scratch him. Fleet shows no fear and he stands tall, bracing himself for the pain. Nars is about to put his paw across Fleet's face but he decides to not scratch him. He then says that there will be no excuses tomorrow.

On the day of the final race, Nars tells Fleet to get four paces ahead. He then says, "Our last chance," but then Fleet asked why he said our last chance and Nars says that Fleet knows what he means.

Fleet and Claudette are talking before the race and Humphrey thinks they're flirting. A few seconds before the race starts, Fleet and Claudette quickly smile at each other and after a goose honks, they look away from each other and stop smiling.

During the race when Fleet and Claudette are on the rocks, Fleet tells Claudette that she's supposed to push from her back legs. Claudette thanks him and they move on with the race. When they get to the field, Fleet falls against a rock and Nars angrily gets up and tells him to get up there. Claudette lets Fleet catch up to her. Then, Claudette tells Fleet how to do the spin out, and after doing his first spin out, Fleet happily shouts that he did it.

Fleet and Claudette jump over the finish line. All the spectator wolves gasp including Nars. A goose says it's a tie. Nars gets angry and he says they need to do it over. Humphrey asks what happens when there's a tie, and the goose says that the Games end in a tie. Fleet and Claudette are happy. Nars cuts Fleet off when he's running and Fleet said that was it and those were his Games. Nars is confused. After everyone cheering for Fleet and Claudette, Nars walks over to Fleet and everyone stops smiling including Fleet. Nars tells Fleet that he is so proud of him and he tosses Fleet into the air and Fleet lands in front of Claudette. Marcel and Paddy push Fleet and Claudette together so they're kissing. Fleet and Claudette walk off on the field talking about working on Fleet's spin out because he will be the coach of the Northern Team next year. While watching Fleet and Claudette talking, Nars smiles.




  • Humphrey -
  • Kate - Kate was Nars' rival during his Great Games and he was devastated when he lost to her due to her Spin Out. He never let go of this moment until the end of Fleet's Great Games.
  • Claudette - Nars was seeing Claudette as enemy and didn't really liked how Fleet was bonding with her but after she and Fleet tied, he let go of the hate and allowed Fleet to be with Claudette. It is unknown if he knows that they're dating.


  • Many fans believe that he is The Leader of The Northern Pack.
  • It is unknown if he approves the abolishment of The Pack Law.


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