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Shakey, Salty, Humphrey, and Mooch

Unlike Alphas, Omega Wolves don't hunt track, or fight on a regular basis (although they most likely will fight to defend their pack); instead they goof off, have fun, make jokes, and are generally laid-back. The only known job that omegas have are being peacekeepers to prevent senseless fights from occurring, and, according to Winston, remind everyone to have fun, although they likely have other jobs which are not mentioned. Though they don't follow strict codes and the like, they seem to have leaders, as Humphrey is the Omega Leader of the Western Pack. Although in the film, Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw tooth Cave, they were said to be the "Kings of the Forest".

Before the end of Alpha and Omega, there was a rule against mating between Alphas and Omegas. The rule was abolished at the end of the first film due to the marriage of Kate and Humphrey, and Lilly and Garth.

Known Omegas[]


  • It is likely that the Eastern Pack, The Northern Pack and The Rabbit Poo Mountain Pack also have Omega wolves, but they are not mentioned nor introduced in the movies.