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Princess is a character in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure. She is King's daughter. 



Princess is a good, but aggressive and assertive, wolf. Unlike King, she is able to distinguish between right and wrong and has maternal instincts shown by her caring for Runt. She is clearly a strong she-wolf and on some level agrees with her father's ideals but not to the same extent, as she is relatively kind to Runt, providing him with food and warmth, though she claimed her reasons for caring for him to be pragmatic to her father's plan until she became conflicted by her father deciding if Runt's role as their bait didn't work they would kill him.

Princess finally had enough of her father that she ran away from him rather than allow him to control her anymore. Not much of her backstory is known, but there's a rumor that she might have lost her own pup years ago, which shows how she has great mother instincts when she was taking care of Runt.



Princess is the only daughter of King. She doesn't like her father too much and considers him a bad wolf. Not a lot is known about her, but thanks to her motherly instincts of taking care of Runt - who was taken hostage by King and the other rogue wolves - there's a rumor that Princess might've had her own pups once.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

After Runt was kidnapped by rogue wolves led by her father, King, to be served as bait for Winston, Tony, Kate, and Humphrey, Princess guarded him and later, grew to like him like her own cub.

At night, Princess offers a small piece of meat for Runt to eat. After a few bites, Runt offers the rest to her in return. Princess asks him why isn't he eating the rest while stating how scarce meat is. Runt replies that he was saving the other half for her; almost like sharing as Omegas do in return for her kindness. Princess states that when her pack has a kill, those who eat are those who fight for it. Runt then thinks that the "pups do really well under that scenario," thus, causing Princess to growl a little at Runt when justifying that "the Alpha pups do." Then, Princess suggests Runt sleeps in an even warmer spot since Runt was freezing a little in his earlier sleeping spot.

A few moments later, seeing as to how weak and cold the Omega pup is, Princess lies next to Runt to make sure her father and his pack's bait stays alive and warm during the cold night. While sleeping, Runt yawns and then, cuddles beside Princess; showing that he's starting to like her. Princess is touched nevertheless, remains focused on her father's plan.

In the morning, Princess takes Runt to another spot so as to be seen by their enemies and let them be lured to their trap while listening to Runt comment about what it feels like to spend the holidays away from his family. When Runt sees Marcel and Paddy circling around as a way of watching over him, one rogue wolf sarcastically replies that "even the birds smell death." When Runt mocks his joke by saying that "they smell him," the wolf sets to attack him; not before being stopped by Princess. A fierce growl fight starts and ends with the wolf falling aside from a rock step. Princess' father, having witnessed the whole thing, cruelly tells her that if their enemies do not send a rescue brigade by sundown, Runt will be of no further use to them. Princess doesn't like this idea but regretfully agrees to it.

Later on, Runt states "how time flies" to which Princess agrees to. Then, Runt asks Princess if she's going to eat him but Princess amusingly replies that Runt "would taste very badly." Princess starts to worry a little as Runt's family hasn't yet showed up for him.

Later, as Princess' father and some rogue wolves are distracted by Humphrey (and Garth) posing as "a mighty alpha" while Princess guards Runt with Kate sneaking from behind, she is asked by her father to come forth and meet Humphrey halfway; leaving Runt alone, unguarded, and to be rescued by his mother.

After the trick is discovered and seeing as to how their enemies' numbers are very little, King orders Princess to lead the rest of their pack to their enemies' territory and claim it as their own but Princess refuses "not this time father" and runs off (much to King's shock rather than anger); leaving her father and some of the pack to fight and lose against their enemies (now allied with grizzly bears too).





  • Princess, Garth and Fleet have a lot in common:
    • They are children of pack leaders.
    • They are alphas.
    • Nothing is known about their mothers.
  • Despite the official premise of Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze, for some reason, Princess doesn't return. In fact, she's only mentioned once throughout the movie.
  • It is rumored that Princess has a long lost mate.
  • Princess is asked by Runt if she's going to eat him. This is not uncommon as wolves have been known to display cannibalism when it comes to weak, injured, or deceased pack members during harsh winters.


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