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Reba and Janice (also known as the "Berry-Eating Wolves" or "the vegetarians") are two Omega wolves in the Western pack in Alpha and Omega.


Alpha and Omega[]

They are known for being vegetarians and eating blueberries, which always stains their mouths and teeth.

They are usually accompanied by two squirrels, whom they've likely befriended for being vegetarians. It is possible that they are sisters as they're seen together in all of their three scenes, have the same diet and only speak one line together.

At the end of the film, during the moonlight howl, they are seen circling Shakey whilst howling with the rest. Shakey has flowers around his neck and is clapping, as he did earlier when Winston and Tony were about to declare war. During their brief time on screen trying to prevent a battle, Shakey claps much to the dislike of the other wolves in the Western Pack.


  • Reba and Janice are the only other significant female Omegas besides Lilly, Sweets and Candy.
  • Since they're usually seen together and share the same diet, they could possibly be sisters.
  • Shakey has a crush on them and Salty suggests them to Humphrey at the beginning.
  • No one knows who is who although Reba is probably the greyish brown one on the left and Janice the yellowish blonde one on the right on the photo seen above. It is stated elsewhere that Janice had a line to herself in the script, which would have made it easier.
  • Their only spoken line throughout the movie is "Stop the insanity! Go organic!", which they say in harmony.
    • This actually makes no sense, as they say it before wolves are about to battle over the right to meat-hunting territories, and meat is organic. This is probably a mistake intended to be "go vegetarian" since they were previously referred to as vegetarians.