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Runt is a future omega. He is one of Humphrey's and Kate's three pups. He is the middle sibling of future Alphas, Stinky . He first appears in Alpha And Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure and is seen to be silly and always ready for fun like Humphrey and other omegas. Unlike most wolves, Runt climbs trees as a unique and useful talent.


Runt looks almost exactly like his father, Humphrey, and brother, Stinky, and can be told apart only by his shortness, longer eyelashes, and darker fur.


Runt seems to have a personality to prove himself and that he's not afraid to have a little fun. He is sweet and has the innocence that any child could have.


Alpha And Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Runt is first seen walking along with his brother, Stinky, and his sister, Claudette, through the forest, having a look at the place where their parents, Humphrey and Kate, used to log board. After a few conversations with Stinky and Claudette, Runt decides to climb up a tree to display his uniqueness, much to Stinky's and Claudette's shock since Stinky states that it is unsightly for a wolf to be climbing a tree. At the top, Runt can see Banff, an enemy territory where rogue wolves live. Then, Runt notices three wolves, not from the Western Pack, coming their way. Runt asks them out loud who they are, and it causes them to run. After a fight with a bear against Stinky and Claudette and only two rogue wolves, Runt mysteriously vanishes from the tree.

A few moments later, Stinky and Claudette notice Runt's paw prints and Stinky, having a sharp sense of smell, deduces another wolf was there and that Runt has been kidnapped by the rogues.

After Runt is kidnapped by the rogue wolves, led by his pack's enemy, King, to be served as bait for Winston, Tony, Humphrey, and Kate, King's daughter, Princess, guards him and later, grows to like him like her own pup.

At night, Princess offers a small piece of meat for Runt to eat. After a few bites, Runt offers the rest to her in return. Princess asks him why isn't he eating the rest while stating how scarce meat is. Runt replies that he was saving the other half for her, kind of like sharing because it's what omegas do. Princess states that when her pack has a kill, those who eat are those who fight for it. Runt then thinks that the pups would do really well under that scenario, causing Princess to growl at Runt when justifying that the alpha pups do. Then, Princess suggests Runt sleeps in a warmer spot since Runt was freezing in his earlier sleeping spot.

A few moments later, seeing as to how weak and cold Runt is, Princess lays next to Runt to make sure their bait stays alive and warm during the cold night. While sleeping, Runt yawns and then cuddles beside Princess, showing that he's starting to like her. Princess is touched, nevertheless, remains concentrated on King's plan.

In the morning, Princess takes Runt to another spot so as to be seen by their enemies and let them be lured into their trap while listening to Runt comment about what it feels like to spend the holidays away from his family. When Runt sees Marcel and Paddy circling around as a way of watching over him, one rogue wolf says that even the birds smell death. When Runt makes a good comeback by saying that he thinks the birds are smelling the rogue wolf, the rogue wolf angrily growls at him, getting ready to attack him, not before being stopped by Princess. A fierce growl fight starts and ends with the rogue wolf falling off of a rock step. King demands Princess to know why she did that, and King cruelly tells Princess that if their enemies do not send a rescue brigade by sundown, then Runt will be of no use to them. Princess doesn't like King's idea but regretfully agrees to it.

Later on, Runt states how time flies, and Princess agrees. Then, Runt asks Princess if she's going to eat him but Princess amusingly replies that she is sure that he would taste very badly. Princess starts to worry a little bit because their enemies haven't showed up to rescue Runt.

Later, while King and two other rogue wolves are distracted by Humphrey standing on Garth's back posing as a mighty alpha while Princess guards Runt with Kate sneaking from behind, she is told by King to come forth and meet Humphrey halfway, leaving Runt alone and unguarded.

Then, while a rogue wolf yells that Runt is gone, King shouts that it's a trick, and Humphrey jumps off of Garth's back while running away with Garth.

While Runt is reunited with Kate, Lilly, Stinky, and Claudette, and after forging an alliance with Bears in return for taking care of their missing cub to help Winston, Tony, Garth, Lilly, Marcel, and Paddy win the battle against the rogue wolves, Humphrey, Kate, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt head to the human roads for safety. When the path gets too cold and snowy and they are lost, Runt climbs up a tree to see the way to the human roads, much to Kate's shock. When Runt says that he sees the way and tells them the way while he climbs and falls safely down into the snow from the tree, Kate is relieved and happy.

To get to the human roads the fast way, Runt and his family log board all the way until they bump into a rock and crash-land into the snow. Then, they continue on foot until they reach a familiar gas station where Humphrey and Kate survived Max, a mad hunter. While they get closer, Runt notices the blinking lights on a Christmas tree and approaches to have a better look, but when Max looks out the window that Runt is looking through, Runt runs to join his family, who is hiding behind a dumpster. Then, Max decides to leave his place with the door open and he drives away in his truck.

After Max leaves, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt run inside to see why Max left the door open and the Christmas tree despite Humphrey's and Kate's warnings. Inside, to Humphrey's and Kate's surprise, Max actually left the door open for them to enter for food and warmth during the Winter when they see their pups happily eating dog food in bowls left for them by Max next to the Christmas tree.

Runt is finally seen happily sleeping with his family while Kate tells Humphrey that here they are trying to get home again, and Humphrey says that they already are. Then, the whole family sleeps for the whole Winter night.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

Runt is first seen on a tree, overlooking the hunting wolves of the four regions with his siblings, Stinky and Claudette. Runt is then complimented on the 'good find' or the good view, picked from his tree climbing skills. After watching the hunt for a more few minutes, three wolf pups come out from the side to help in the hunting technique. This is also the first appearance of Fleet to the three main protagonists. Claudette then suggests that the three of them try the hunting technique for themselves, after seeing the first group of wolves fail. The three then speed off down a slope and attempt the technique for themselves. They chase the Caribou for a few good seconds, and then Runt is asked to pick up his pace during this time. After Claudette performs the Spinout move at the end, and they successfully succeed the move, this is then where Fleet comes up, compliments them, and introduces himself. Claudette next in return introduces his brother and younger sister and himself back, mentioning the fact that Runt is the youngest brothis in the family pack. Runt then defends himself by putting in that he is only younger by two minutes exact. Then Fleet discusses the Great Games to the three, and Claudette suggests they talk to their father, Humphrey, after Fleet suggests that they cheer for wolves for the Northern Pack, seeming the Western Region wasn't competing in the games for that year. After that, Runt jokes at how he was supposed to be the 'water guy' with being the only Omega.

The pups then find Humphrey log sledding with Mooch while discussing the alpha hunting trip and how Humphrey was changed and tamed with his Omega reputation by Kate when she had came into his life. Humphrey is shocked then when he sees his pups just eavesdropping nearby, waiting to talk to him. Humphrey next asks "How long have you been there?" Runt teases his dad with this, and remarks that he had them at "Reputation".

Later on Claudette sees this junior bear in the fields chasing some birds, and she then suggests to her brothers that they go and see him, to recruit for the Western Region team, for the Great Games. On the way Runt asks again about it, and Claudette explains more.

Runt is seen throughout more parts of the movie, but he doesn't say much, due to Claudette being the main protagonist of the third movie.

Runt is seen doing the Great Games with his siblings and at one point is to ride Agnes's back to let her get her center gravity.

Runt then is seen speaking again at the end again when Claudette is challenged by Nars, Fleet's dad. "You got this" Is Runt's response, and because of this, Claudette accepts, leading to the final round of the Great Games. Afterwards, when Claudette and Fleet ties in the final round, Runt is seen cheering and congratulating his sister with Stinky, his brother.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

Runt is seen...

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

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Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs[]

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Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

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Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom[]

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  • Humphrey - father
  • Kate - mother
  • Stinky - brother
  • Claudette - Runt and Claudette get along as brother and sister except when he is teasing her about her crush on Fleet.
  • Winston - maternal grandfather
  • Eve - maternal grandmother
  • Lilly - maternal aunt
  • Garth - maternal uncle
  • Tony -



Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

  • "What?"
  • "I was born only, like, a few minutes later than you wolves."
  • "Are you going to eat me?"
  • "I see the human roads! Over down there! We just have to go down this mountain!"

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

  • "Yeah, younger by two minutes."
  • "And as the omega, I guess that makes me the water boy."
  • "You had us at reputation."
  • "Yeah, well, I feel thrown under the stampede."

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

  • "She has puppy love."
  • "Just keeping it real."
  • "They're not mean, they're just prickly."


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  • It is possible that Runt might become the future Omega leader since his father is or was.
  • Uniqueness: Ability to climb trees.
  • He looks about 8 or 9 in human years.
  • Critics have criticized his name along with Stinky as the name being stupid and lazy.
  • In the Dutch and Flemish version, Runt's name is changed to 'Puck'.
  • Runt asks Princess if she's going to eat him. This is not uncommon as wolves have been known to display cannibalism when it comes to weak, injured, or deceased pack members during harsh winters.