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Saw-Tooth Cave

Daria peeking out of the Saw-Tooth Cave.

Saw-Tooth Cave is a fang-shaped cave, located in Shadow Forest, where Daria lives.

In Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

Saw Tooth Cave

Runt looking at the wolf spirit.

Saw-Tooth cave is first seen when Runt wakes up from a nightmare about venturing into Shadow Forest. The Omegas decide to go on a field trip to Shadow Forest. They stumble upon Saw-Tooth cave, and it's peculiarity of weather patterns. After the day passes on, the pack goes to sleep. The pups wake up and decide to go back on their own. Runt climbs up a tree, and sees a mysterious wolf (Daria), and the spirit protecting her. Daria points toward the river, telling that Stinky is there. They go back to the den, and go to sleep. Runt wakes up, and decides to go back there again, this time, by himself. He ventures up into the Saw-Tooth cave, and meets Daria. Daria tells Runt to come back tomorrow. He comes back during the morning, and talk about Daria's past, and how she was rejected by her pack due to vision impairments. She was rescued by one of the Porcupines when she was just a pup. Some wolves near the cave, so the three leave and escape.