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Scar is one of wolves from the Eastern Pack.


Alpha and Omega[]

He first appeared, interfering with Kate's hunt, which resulted in a stampede of Caribou from which Kate was forced to save them.


Once they were out of danger, Candu started a fight with Claws and Scar, Hutch getting involved as well while Kate tried to break the fight up. The fight was broken up by Humphrey, the Omega Leader of the Western Pack and his omegas, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch. Winston appeared, ordered his alphas back to the den while Claws and Scar both gave Candu a growl after the brawl and telling Claws and Scar to go home.

He aren't seen 'till nearing the end of the film. Where the both stand with there pack ready for battle. The next day, he and Claws attend Kate and Garth's wedding and the join in of the requiem alongside Candu and Hutch.


  • Candu, Hutch, Claws, and Scar are now presumed to be hunting partners.
  • It is presumable that Claws and Scar are Betas.
  • The junior novel incorrectly states that Claws and Scar are both males.
  • Not much is known about Claws and Scar, but it is possible that they are mates or siblings.


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