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Stinky is the future leader of the Western Pack, and is one of Kate and Humphrey's three pups. He is the oldest sibling to Claudette, and Runt.


He has a pelt with variations of grey and white fur. He also has blue eyes, similar to his father, Humphrey.


Stinky's personality is similar to his mother's; he is an alpha that wants everything to be perfect and be successful during hunts. He also seems a little aggressive and ambitious.


Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Stinky is first seen walking along with his brother, Runt and his sister, Claudette, through the forest, having a look at the place where their parents Kate and Humphrey used to log board. After a few discussions with his siblings, Runt decides to climb up a tree to display his uniqueness; much to Stinky and Claudette's shock since Stinky states "it is unsightly for a wolf to be climbing a tree." At the top, Runt can see Banff; an enemy territory where rogue wolves live. Then, Runt notices three wolves, not from their pack, coming their way. When Stinky and Claudette wonder if they could be the rogue wolves from Banff their grandfather Winston told them about, Runt asks them out loud who they are, which causes them to run. After a fight with a grizzly bear against the two pups and only two rogue wolves, Runt mysteriously vanishes from the tree.

A few moments later, Stinky and Claudette notice Runt's paw prints and Stinky, having a sharp sense of smell, deduces another wolf (the third rogue) was here and that Runt has been kidnapped by the rogues.

Stinky and Claudette return home to inform their parents. At night, while everyone is asleep, Stinky and Claudette set out to help their parents find Runt; thanks to Stinky's snout. In the morning, they find their parents along with Marcel and Paddy on the other side of a stream. Despite their parents' warnings and the birds' attempts to talk some sense into them, Stinky and Claudette defy them and try to get across on a vine as their parents once did when they were lost but their plan backfires when the vine doesn't move and the pups can't hold on. Luckily, Marcel and Paddy help swing the vine and the pups make it safely to the other side. At first, Kate and Humphrey are bit upset at them but then, they smile at them and gather for a family hug. The family continue their way until they find a lost bear cub. They decide to "adopt" the cub until they can find his mother. Then, Stinky and Claudette are asked to stay with Paddy by their parents until they return with Runt.

Later, as King, leader of the rogue wolves and Stinky's pack's enemy, and some rogue wolves are distracted by Humphrey (and Garth) posing as "a mighty alpha" while Princess guards Runt with Kate sneaking from behind, she is asked by her father to come forth and meet Humphrey halfway; leaving Runt alone, unguarded, and to be rescued by his mother.

As Runt is reunited with his family and after forging an alliance with grizzlies in return for taking care of their missing cub to help Tony, Winston, Garth, Lilly, Marcel, and Paddy win the battle against the rogues, Stinky and his family head to the human roads for safety. When the path gets too cold and snowy and the family is lost, Runt climbs up a tree to see the way to the human roads; much to Kate's shock. When Runt tells his family that he sees the way and tells them the way as he climbs and falls safely down into the snow, Kate is relieved and happy.

To reach the human roads the fast way, Stinky and his family log board all the way until they bump into a rock and crash-land into the snow. Then, the family continues on foot until they reach a familiar gas station where Kate and Humphrey survived Max, a "mad hunter," from the first film. As they get closer, Runt notices the blinking lights on his Christmas tree and approaches to have a better look but when Max notices Runt, Runt runs to join his family and hide from him. Then, Max decides to leave his place with the door open for an unknown reason and drive away in his truck.

After Max leaves, Stinky and his siblings run inside to see why the door was left open and the Christmas tree; despite their parents' warnings and thinking it's a trap. Inside, to Kate and Humphrey's surprise, Max actually left the door open for them to enter for food and warmth during the winter when they see their pups happily eating dog food in bowls left for them by Max next to the Christmas tree; which is possible to conclude that Max may have changed his ways since his last encounter with Kate and Humphrey.

Stinky is finally seen happily sleeping with his family as Kate tells Humphrey that "here they are; trying to get home again" to which Humphrey replies: "I think we already are." Then, the whole family sleeps for the whole winter night as the story comes to an end.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games[]

Stinky is first seen with his siblings as they watch the teams for the Great Games train. Stinky then comments on how good their stride seems to be and then mentions that Runt's tree hugging talents have done his brother good. It's then when he and his siblings decide to 'show them how to do it' so to speak, and leaps straight into the hunting session. After their sort of hunting experiment, they are first introduced to Fleet and Magril, two wolves who are from Northern Pack. Stinky first declares that he and his siblings are from the Western Pack and is first seen as quite competitive against Fleet.

After a small discussion about how the Western Pack took a pass at the games, Stinky and his siblings hurry off to find their father, Humphrey. It's then that they bribe him and complain to Humphrey that they're juniors and they'd like to be participating in the games. Humphrey then explains why they took a pass at the games, informing them that the games used to be for all the critters, not just alpha wolves, so until the games ever returned to its normal way letting all critters compete in the games, the Western Pack were indeed taking a pass. Humphrey also informs them that they'd need a team of 5 to compete in the games and that all of the other teams had been training all through winter, so the competition would be pretty rough. Stinky though, declares that his position status is more of a senior, and being the short-tempered wolf that he is, Stinky also informs Humphrey that he feels a bit 'snappy-jaw' so to speak, and snaps his jaws loudly, informing his notation. After Humphrey once more declines the bribes that his pups treat him with, Stinky then hangs his head in failure along with his siblings and quotes- "We begged, we tried,.... We failed."

Later, Stinky and his brother are following Claudette to a "junior bear" she'd found. He then picks up a scent of 3 grizzly bears, and they end up chasing the pups right to the junior bear, Brent. They introduce themselves and then meet Agnes, Brent's "protector, mentor or agent". After Brent signals the 3 grizzlies to leave, they hear more about the Great Games. After convincing Agnes and Bret to join their team, they take a few laps around the field, only to discover that Brent has "bird issues" and Agnes can't control her speed.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

Stinky is in the scene with Winston and lots of pups and in the scene when he and his sister, brother- Runt and Claudette go to the forest. Stinky was scared there.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

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Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs[]

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Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

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Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom[]

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  • Kate - Kate is Stinky's mother. Both seem to have a good bond. Stinky inherited his mom's personality being a proud alpha and that everything has to be perfect. His mother is worried about him and his sister when they follow them and cross the gorge.
  • Humphrey - Humphrey and Stinky have a good bond like Stinky and Kate. He got a lot of his looks from his dad. He seems to be loyal and listen to his father's commands. They both have a pretty good bond.
  • Claudette - These two seem to be very close to one another. They are seen in Alpha and Omega 2 together most of the time. They both work together often such as fighting off a grizzly bear. They both go out to find Runt together and often agree with one another. In Alpha and Omega 3, he is seen cheering for his sister saying it wasn't a tie and that they won.
  • Runt - They both seem to have a good bond. As when Runt gets taken away, he and his sister decide to go after him whether anyone liked it or not. He is also seen in Alpha and Omega 3 commenting on his tree climbing skills and that they were improving.
  • Winston -
  • Eve -
  • Lilly -
  • Tony -
  • Garth -



  • In the UK version, Stinky's name is changed to Smokey.
  • Uniqueness: Ability to sniff out stuff for a couple of miles.
  • Stinky has a good sense of smell, that may have something to do with how he got his name.
  • Critics have criticized his name along with Runt as the name being stupid and lazy.
  • He is also the only Alpha wolf seen to have a very sharp sense of smell as a unique and useful talent.
  • He looks about 13 or 14 in human years.
  • Unlike his siblings, Stinky doesn't have a goal that is associated with any of the movies' plot.


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