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Sweets and Candy are two Omega wolves that play very minor roles in the movie.


Candy is white, light grey, and cream with tan eyes and Sweets is orange-brown and cream with ocean blue eyes.


Alpha and Omega[]

At the moonlight howl they are seen talking about fur and fashion in general. When Salty says, "Hey," and then, "that's all I got," to them, they just laugh and walk away. Sweets has four scenes in the movie, when she is walking with Candy up to the moonlight howl, howling with an unnamed male wolf reacting in disgust to Garth's feeble attempts at howling, congratulating Kate for her decision on marrying Garth, and at Kate's wedding, where Shakey wipes his nose with her tail, much to her displeasure.

Candy only has two scenes in the movie, at the moonlight howl and congratulating Kate at her impending marriage to Garth.


  • "Your fur, it looks great tonight." - Candy to Sweets


  • The male wolf Sweets was howling with may possibly be her boyfriend.
  • It is rumored that they are sisters.


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