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The Eastern Pack is a wolf pack that made its territory in the Eastern half of a valley, located in Jasper Park, Canada, before uniting with the Western Pack into one pack by the marriage of Lilly and Garth, and the marriage of Humphrey and Kate. Most of the members are varying shades of red, but there are other colors. The film never reveals any Omegas in the Eastern Pack.

The Eastern Pack was supposed to be united with the Western Pack through the marriage of Kate and Garth, but ended up being united by the marriage of Lilly and Garth, saving the packs from war.

In the first movie, the Eastern wolves had no food and became desperate. Tony reached out to his rival Winston and demands that Winston accept their union, but is repeatedly denied. Tony decides to take the Western valley by force in order to preserve the pack, which could have ended with both packs being destroyed entirely.

In later films with the East and West packs joined together, caribou presence runs very short.

Known Members[]


  • The majority of the Eastern Pack seems to have a brown coat, while the Western Pack has more gray wolves.