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The logo of Tod's Gas

Tod's Gas is a gas station that serves gas to drivers and serves food in Alpha and Omega.

Only two employees work there, one of them is named Max.

In the film, while hitching a ride in Garn and Debbie's RV Humphrey and Kate were on to get to Jasper Park, Canada, however, once they stopped, Humphrey had to go to the bathroom and left to do it. He was distracted when eating a cupcake, when one of the employees mistaken him for having rabies, he got Max to come with a shotgun. Kate jumped out to save him, however, it cost them their chances to get back.

Garn and Debbie checking some souvenirs

The station appeared again in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure, however, unlike last time, when Humphrey, Kate, along with Stinky, Claudette, and Runt where passing through until Max spots them. Upon seeing them, he looked back at his family portrait than back at them, seeing they, too, have a family, Max left the door open and drove off in his pickup truck. The wolves found he left food for them and settle there for Christmas under the Christmas tree Max set up.

Tod's Gas in the sequel

Humphrey, Kate, and their pups arriving at the gas station

A portrait of Max's family

The pups eating dog food set up by Max


  • It's possible the employee with Max is name "Tod".
  • In the sequel, Max has a portrait of his family in the store.