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Tony is the (former) main antagonist of Alpha and Omega and a supporting character of the Alpha and Omega sequels.

He is the father of Garth and the great alpha of the Eastern Pack in the Alpha and Omega series.


Tony is a big, strong, and muscular alpha and has apparently led the Eastern Pack for many years, given his age. He has a flat snout, a black nose, and a dark brown mane around his cheeks and neck. He has a sleek white chest, thick ginger fur, round brown eyes, and large paws. There is also a disk in his hunched back that kept cracking.


Like his rival, Winston, Tony is a dedicated Alpha Leader and wants the best for his pack, but is also a stickler for Pack Law and Custom. Tony is arguably more martial than Winston as, while he certainly would prefer to avoid violence, he is willing to resort to war with the Western Pack if it means giving his own pack the caribou they need to survive.

Tony has a short temper, which doesn't help his attitude, but he isn't made entirely of stone, as he accepts an alternative of marrying Garth to Winston's daughter Lilly, as well as abolishing the rule of social class. This shows that, while he believes in duty, he does care about his son's happiness, and is wise enough to accept a more peaceful solution over a violent senseless one, especially when he sees how it almost cost an innocent life. As seen at the end of the movie, Tony is a very skilled howler.

Tony has changed for the better, having a sincere concern for Lilly when she announces that her and Humphrey are going to a forest where Tony had an unpleasant experience, and they seem to have formed a vague father/daughter relationship.



Alpha and Omega []

Tony first appears when Winston howls to him and they meet in private. Winston is quick to note how Tony's wolves hurt one of his own wolves during a hunt and Tony justifies the action by saying there are no more caribou for his pack to hunt in the east. Winston simply states that it's the Eastern Pack's problem, not the Western Pack's problem.

Trying to keep his temper, Tony tells Winston to unite the packs as he was the one who stated that his daughter Kate would marry Tony's son Garth thereby uniting the packs into one. Tony declares that his son knows his responsibility, asking if the same is for Kate. Winston confirms so and Tony decides that the two would meet at The Moonlight Howl

But before taking his leave, Tony warns Winston that he won't let his pack to starve, and if push comes to shove, then the Eastern Pack will fight for the valley.


Tony later appears, along with his pack, confronting Winston and his own pack on the whereabouts of Kate. Winston then made a slight accusation that perhaps Tony was behind Kate's disappearance. Tony states that this isn't his style. Then, Winston's younger daughter, Lilly, offers to show Garth around her family's territory, causing Tony to get a little bit suspicious but he gives a deadline for Kate to return by the full moon.

The full moon arrives and Tony leads his pack towards battle but notices on the way that Garth is howling with Lilly. She runs off to warn Winston and the rest of the Western Pack, and Tony berates Garth for howling with an Omega, before commanding him to get with the others and that they're going to take the valley to get the caribou they need to survive on.

As the packs meet, Tony and Winston are arguing about Kate, and after Tony says that Kate ran away, Kate appears alongside Humphrey and agrees to the marriage, pacifying Tony.

On the day of the wedding, Winston invites Tony to sit next to him and Tony nods his head. Then, the mating ritual starts. But at the last second, Kate backs out and says she can't marry Garth, because she fell in love with an Omega. This angers Tony, who says that it's against Pack Law. But then to Tony's shock, Garth declares he too fell in love with an omega, and that omega is Lilly.

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Outraged, Tony states that “This, is madness!“, and declares war, and a fight between the two packs breaks out. This is cut short, however, when the fighting causes a caribou stampede and he and Winston start to shout, urging everyone to run to the sides of the valley. All pack members are safe except for Tony and Winston who are still in the caribou's path. But during their escape, Tony's back gives out, forcing Winston to help him. Winston smacks his back, realigning his spine. But in the time it took Winston to aid Tony, they had been cut off from the escape route by the caribou so they needed to continue running with the stampede to avoid getting stepped on. Humphrey and Kate come to their rescue by hill sledding down to them for shelter. Kate is knocked unconscious by a Caribou and Humphrey shields her with his own body, prompting Tony and Winston to divert the herd's course. But it appears too late as Kate seems to be dead, and Humphrey leads both packs in howling a requiem for Kate, and even Tony joins in (last) when he realizes what he caused. But Kate turns out to be alive, and Winston talks Tony, with some "persuasion" from Eve, into an alternative of marrying Garth to Lilly, effectively abolishing the rule of social class.


With the packs united as one, they all celebrate at Howling Rock, where Tony howls with a backup provided by Mooch and Salty. Pups also dance around them. The story ends with Kate and Humphrey singing a long howl. 

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure []

In the sequel, Tony first appears walking with Winston near Winston's old cave (now owned by Humphrey, Kate, and their pups: Stinky, Claudette, and Runt) talking about going to war with the rogue wolves, and about how their leader King, of how he couldn't be a king so he fled and formed an all Alpha pack. Tony then states that he’ll “Show them all Alpha!”. When they are invited to the cave, Tony asks if Garth and Lilly are coming as he needs to show Garth life in a cave as Lilly and Garth have been living in the tall grass and Tony doesn't look too happy about it. When Garth and Lilly arrive, he speaks to Garth about finding a cave and how he would give up his.

After Runt is kidnapped by the rogue wolves, Tony can be seen running with Kate, Humphrey, Winston, Garth, and Lilly to find him. When Kate and Humphrey decide to go to find Runt in Banff (the rogue wolves' territory), Tony reminds them that their enemies are rogues and they will have a lot of wolves. Nevertheless, as Tony and the rest return home, Kate and Humphrey continue their way to Banff.


He is later seen again in the cave where Winston talks about Humphrey and Kate always doing stuff their own way and Tony adding: "Don't they realize how dangerous the rogues can be?!". They later go to sleep to get ready for tomorrow's rescue.

Tony later appears in a short scene where he talks about the 2 other little pups sneaking out last night and how they take it from their parents.

Tony is seen approaching Banff with Winston and Garth until they find Stinky and Claudette with Paddy and a bear cub. After the pups explain the bear cub's presence when Winston asked them so, Tony finds the idea of "adopting him" a bit weird and strange. Tony is later seen joining with Kate and Humphrey when they are about to rescue Runt, as he states that some of the wolves used to run with his pack and they will recognize him and Winston.


Tony and Winston, instead of being the main distraction, decide to act as a dead bear. Tony then says to Winston, annoyed: "We never speak of this again!", to which Winston replies: "Let's not even talk about it now.", while Humphrey (with Garth's help) poses as a "mighty alpha." They stay acting as a dead bear until the rogue wolves realize it's all a trick after noticing Runt gone. They all run back to where they left Lilly, Paddy, the pups, and the bear cub and meet up altogether. Tony then states that they won't be able to stop the rogue wolves; except slow them down. That is until a pack of grizzly bears come to their help. Tony happily exclaims "I'll be darned." Tony then joins the attack on the rogue wolves which they win and is last seen standing with Winston, Garth, and Lilly while laughing over their victory.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]


Tony works along side Winston teaching future Alphas. Tony hears that Lilly was taking the Omega pups on a field trip to Shadow Forest much to Tony's shock. Tony thinks that Garth wouldn't agree with it but Lilly says that her husband Garth is on a hunting trip. Tony hesitates since he has been there and never been back.

Later at the den, Tony is told that they went to the forest against his wishes. Tony hesitates to tell the pups about his horror story when he last visited Shadow Forest on a hunting trip with his favorite twins. Tony saw the wolf ghost but eventually lived. The pups thank him on the horror story.


Alpha and Omega

  • "Oh! My back feels like wood, I got this disk that keeps cracking, ugh! Drives me crazy."
  • “Unite the packs, Winston! It was you who gave the big speech, that your daughter Kate, and my son Garth, would marry, and unite the packs!“
  • “Garth knows his responsibility... does Kate?”
  • "I won't let my pack starve, Winston. If we have to... we'll fight for the valley!"
  • (growls) "You know that's not my style!"
  • ”All I asked was that you follow our customs, and unite the packs! But no, your daughter had to up and run away!"
  • "This is madness! This isn't our custom, this isn't our way! Take the valley!"
  • "Its that darn disk in my back!"
  • "What is this Winston, why can't she marry Garth?!"
  • "My pack has to eat!" (A deleted line)
  • "What the hell, Winston?!" (another deleted line)

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howliday Adventure

  • "Let's give em' the old Lockjaw!"
  • ”I’ll show ‘em all Alpha!”
  • "Is Garth coming? I need him to see life in a cave. He and Lilly have been living in the tall grass!"
  • "Garth, it's time you found a cave. I told you I'd give up mine!"
  • "These are the rogues! They are going to have a lot of wolves!"
  • "Don't they realize how dangerous the rogues can be?!"
  • "They're sly little guys! They take it after their parents."
  • “Some of those wolves used to run with my pack!”
  • "We NEVER speak of this AGAIN!"
  • “We can only slow them down, Winston! We won‘t be able to stop this.“
  • "Well I'll be DARNED!"
  • "This is going to be fun!"

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw-Toothed Cave

  • (to Lilly) “Did I just hear that you were going to Shadow Forest?!”
  • "Would Garth like this, Lilly?"
  • "I've had a bad experience in there, and I've never been BACK!"
  • (to Winston) "Well, I haven't seen YOU going in there lately!"
  • (repeated line) "Stay away! Stay away!"
  • "Runt, I told you to stay away from that place!"
  • "Run! Run! It's going to get us!"
  • (to Lyle and Link) "Well if it isn't my favorite twins!"
  • "From what I understand, it's exactly as we left it."
  • "For your own good, stick to hunting in the fields!"
  • "That, is Saw-Toothed Cave."
  • "Trust me, it's here."


  • While Tony's behavior and threats technically made him the main antagonist of the movie, his actions were motivated by how much he cares for his pack, making Tony more of an Anti-Hero, rather than an actual villain.
    • It is also notable how King serves as a dark foil to Tony's portrayal from the first film. Tony's motives then were motivated by a refusal to abandon tradition and the desire to ensure his pack's livelihood. However, King is motivated by a lust for power and control and cares for his pack primarily as an extension of his beliefs. Both are parents who would use their own children in mating plots, although Tony sought unity through their Alpha to Alpha traditions, whereas King purely wants any opportunity to ensure the Rogues' "purity" to accommodate his ego as a leader. While Tony eventually came to change his ways, King remains with his obsessions until he is forced into retreat.
  • Tony was portrayed by the late Dennis Hopper, his last film role before he died of prostate cancer on May 29, 2010. The movie was dedicated in his memory.
  • Bill Lader fills in as Tony's new voice in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure and the sequels that came after it.
  • It has been revealed that Tony and Winston where childhood friends in the novel.
  • Young Tony, as seen in the flashback in Legend of Saw Tooth Cave, is a reskin of the young Shakey model that is seen in the first movie.


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