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Humphrey and Kate - Tranquilizer Darts

Humphrey and Kate getting hit by tranquilizer darts.

H&K 2

Kate shot by a tranquilizer dart. "I'll see you on Mars, right after I eat the Milky Way!".

In Alpha and Omega[]

The tranquilizer darts first appear in Alpha and Omega. Kate just came back from the moonlight howl with Garth, in which Kate left early. She goes down the rock mountain to see Humphrey, in a surprised fashion. They then talk about how "barf"(Garth) is a dud, then Kate gets hit by a tranquilizer dart. Kate:"I'll meet you on Mars, wHoA! Right after I eat.. the Milky Way!" Then Humphrey gets hit by a tranquilizer dart. Humphrey:"That sounds good... to... me..."(Humphrey falls off of the rock, and lands next to Kate, both asleep) Last, they get shipped to Idaho.

In Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

Tranquilizer darts can be seen several times in the movie, the animal trappers want to relocate the whole family this time. Other than that, not much information is known about these scenes in this movie.

Quotes in this scene[]

  • Humphrey: "Ow! Again with the butt! These mosquitoes are out of control!"
  • Kate: "I'll meet you on Mars... whoa!...right after I eat the milky way!(passes out)"
  • Humphrey: "Leave... some... for... me...(passes out)"


  • Humphrey thought that the tranquilizer dart was a mosquito.
  • Tranquilizer darts work best when aimed at an area with many capillaries, like a wolf's hind-quarters. This is why Kate and Humphrey were shot in the butt.