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Always on the watch, always ready to Howl!

About me

An 18 year-old who's interest is to study wolves. I love any canine related movies/docs/games/etc! I also help contribute to wiki's that are based on wolves! So far 'Alpha and Omega' is a family favorite of mine. :)

Other favorites



-White Wolf (I, II, III)


Many more!


I'm an Alpha trained and sworn to protect my pack and help guide new wolves of the pack to survival. I am Steadfast, brave, wise and a little bit of a show-off(Which is a bad thing.). :) I help add info on data base and help people introduce A&O characters, also help with wolf-facts!

Wolf Description

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Amber

Fur Color(Back): Gray, Darker Gray stripe in middle.

Fur Color(Underside): Light gray, white-ish.

Rank: Alpha

Pack: KateWolf's A&O Fan-pack

Role: Guide(?)

Mate: N/A(Straight)

Help on fanon wiki!

We need help on expanding this wiki! KateWolf(OfficialKateWolf) started this wiki on her birthday(May 16), help out and join our fan wolf-pack of A&O! :)


Current members of the pack:


-GideonisatrainedAlpha(Alpha in training)

-AlphaWolfJed(Me; Alpha SiC)

-FunlovingOmega(Archangel)(Omega Lead)



-Niko Banks(Omega)


-Storylover 01Alpha(Alpha in training)

-Alpha&Omegafan2011(Alpha in training)

-Kate Alpha(Alpha in training)


A beginner writer! Working on shorts right now. :) Will post new chapters and stories in the future so stay tuned! Blog posts on Fanon wiki for previews of future chapters!


Current Stories:

Alpha and Omega: New York Adventures! (In-progress; posted)

Alpha and Omega: Father's Steps (Coming soon!)