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KateWolf KateWolf 15 January 2012

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Hello all Alpha and Omega Fans! Here is a little blog about some stuff to do with Alpha and Omega.

  • 1 One year of A&O on DVD!
  • 2 Feaured Character Of January
  • 3 New Stuff Around the Wiki
  • 4 Thanks For Reading!

Last week on the 11th was Alpha and Omega's one year release for dvd in the U.S.! Boy it went by fast!

Kate won with exactly 21 votes! Her's a little gallery to celebrate her victory. Help vote for Febuary's featured character on the main page!

We are going to return article comments very soon! Don't abuse the comments feature or we will disable commenting again. Also, you may have noticed, but we are making character galleries around the wiki! If you notice we forgot to make a gallery or two, go ahead and make it!

Thanks for reading January's new e…

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KateWolf KateWolf 10 December 2011


Im finally back. Just a little update, for now on, every month, there is now gonna be character of the month. This month, wehave hutch. Vote for nexts months character on the home page.

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KateWolf KateWolf 26 October 2011


My apologies for my absence, I have been very busy on other sites, I will be back soon hopefully, and I have NOT abandoned the wiki. Thank you, Kate the pawsome wolf Leave me a message anytime! 00:52, October 26, 2011 (UTC)

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KateWolf KateWolf 8 August 2011


Guess what? I got so mad At spammers you can't comment anywhere but blogs now. Chat is here. Chat is here. Enjoy, you earned a wiki where you cannot comment. Bye and enjoy this chat page.

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KateWolf KateWolf 2 August 2011


Who is your fav wolf? Kate Humphrey Lilly Garth Winston Tony Eve Can-do Hutch Reba Janice Claw Scar Sweets Candy

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