The following is one of the main reasons you could get warned, kicked, or banned:

  • Excessive profanity(It's ok every once in a while, but there could be kids on the wiki, it's a kid's movie)
  • Harassing other users(This will not be tolerated)
  • Hate speech(ex: I hate [user]!)
  • Harmful content (This results in a permanent ban from the chat, and may even result to being blocked from the Wikia)
  • Racism, sexism, etcetera(Will cause an IMMEDIATE ban from the chat, and will result to an indefinite block from this Wikia. This action is not available for appeals)

Do what you think is good(if you have common sense), and you should be okay!

1st action: Warning

2nd action: Kick

3rd action: Ban

You can appeal if you have a good reason to. Just be nice to others!

  • Note: Chat guidelines may be updated at any time.