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Alpha and Omega 2 - Kate and Humphrey Vine Swing...

Alpha and Omega 2 - Kate and Humphrey Vine Swing...


Claudette and Stinky on the vine.

Stinky and Claudette on the vine.


There is a vine in between a stream which Humphrey and Kate used for vine swinging to get to the other side.

In Alpha and Omega[]

Humphrey and Kate can be seen vine swinging.

In Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

Humphrey and Kate again use the vines for a shortcut. Kate:"I thought you said this was a stream!" Humphrey:"It is a stream!" The last time vine swinging is seen in this movie is when Claudette and Stinky follow Humphrey and Kate. They remember what their parents said about how they went on the vine to get to the other side. Marcel:"Don't get any grand ideas, now!". Stinky jumps towards the vine while screaming:"For Runt!". Claudette jumps on also and grabs onto Stinky's tail with her teeth. Stinky did not know the next step, so they were stuck. Stinky:"What now?" Claudette:"I don't know". Paddy:"Let's help them swing it!" Marcel and Paddy fly over to the vine and help them swing it. The pups then thrust off of the vine, and fall to the ground next to their parents. Kate: "You're grounded!" Marcel: "How does one ground someone in the outdoors?" Stinky: "My tail will never be the same"


  • When Humphrey and Kate were vine swinging in both movies, it was raining.
  • When Stinky and Claudette were vine swinging, it was not raining, it was sunny.