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Winston is the third tritagonist in the Alpha and Omega series. He is the Alpha leader of the Western pack, the husband of Eve, the father of Kate and Lilly, and the grandfather of Stinky, Claudette and Runt.


Winston is a big Alpha also known as the great leader and was born to lead the Western Pack for most of his life. His pack includes most of the main characters -such as Hutch, Can-do, Humphrey, Lilly, and Kate- along with many more wolves. Winston and his pack live in the West where most of caribou live.


Winston is a dedicated, wise, kind, and brave leader of his pack, caring for its well-being and wanting the best for it. He loves his family very much, and treats everyone fairly, including the Omegas led by Humphrey. Still, Winston adheres to Pack laws, but is hesitant to marry off his daughter Kate to Garth, the son of his rival Tony, the leader of the Eastern pack, resulting both Western and Eastern packs to unite the into one pack, which is odd as, according ot Tony, Winston was the one who originally planned the marriage, though he might have just been having second thoughts or the idea might have originally just have been a way to placate Tony. Winston was proud of Kate for agreeing to the marriage, in spite of not knowing anything about the plan or what she's getting herself into, although he did say she didn't have to if she wasn't ready. Winston is very proud of his daughter, saying to Eve that Kate is the finest Alpha he's ever trained, but later at the wedding, Winston becomes astonished when Kate refuses to marry Garth at the last moment, claiming that she had fallen in love with Humphrey (although she didn't actually name him). But unlike Tony, Winston accepts the relationship between Kate and Humphrey upon realizing that Humphrey was infact truly in love with Kate, loving her enough to risk his own life, he realizes that there should be no reason to oppose, especially when he saw another solution in his other daughter Lilly being Garth's intended, and that they were in love with each other. This shows that despite his adhering to Pack Law, Winston is more willing to make exceptions in accordance to specific circumstances.


Alpha and Omega[]


Winston is first seen calling Kate to go to Alpha School, and gently telling Humphrey his duties as a Omega, to keep the peace, and that their differing social positions must keep them apart. Of course he had to stop Humphrey from getting distracted, so he usually blocks Humphrey's view of Kate as of fatherly protection. He tells him to "remind us all to have fun" and must follow the custom, the law of the pack.


Winston is seen right after Kate's hunt goes wrong, angry with the eastern wolves who disrupted her hunt, causing the caribou to escape and cause a stampede that nearly costed the lives of his pack's own hunting party. He called the Western hunt group back to the den and angrily orders the Eastern wolves to leave, of course he praised that the Omegas stopped the fight. When he goes back to the den with Kate, he tells his mate Eve that the Eastern wolves ruined Kate's hunt, but luckily, the Omegas were there too break up a fight between the the two packs. When joining for dinner he says the scraps and bones are no kind of dinner, not for his pack. When ones of his Alpha wolves, Candu, was jumped by some Eastern wolves with injuries in payback from insulting Claws and Scar and picking a fight. Before Hutch can address the problem any further of the Eastern Pack he silences him and addresses to Hutch to put all Alphas on alert.

Later, he arranges a secret private meeting with his rival leader from the Eastern Pack, Tony. He tells him he is one crazy wolf sending some of his wolves to hunt in western pack territory and is quick to note how Tony's wolves hurt one of his own during a hunt.Tony explains him that their territory is barren, and that they should unite the packs through marriage, through their two children, Kate and Garth and he thinks that Kate will meet Garth at the Moonlight Howl. Winston agrees, but when he leaves, he tells him he is not going to let his pack starve. And if they have to, both packs will fight for the valley. He finds Kate, who is eavesdropping in the whole conversation. He was about to tell her but Kate interrupted him, saying that she knows and that's her responsibility. Back at the den, Winston was a bit worried if she wasn't ready to marry, but she was and was proud.  


When Kate goes missing, he and the rest of the pack stands by at the border to face the Eastern Pack wolves, just as matters were getting intense (Where Eve loses it and threatens Tony and his Pack), Winston and Eve's youngest daughter, Lilly suggests that she show Garth around while Kate is away. Winston tries to appease Tony by promising to find her by the full moon. As he leaves, he gives a scowl with a low growl at Tony.

A night later, Winston sits on a cliff and looks at that the moon was almost full, and there was still no sign of Kate, Winston decides that they must defend their territory and orders Hutch to ready the others. Later, when the moon is full, both packs rallied at the sides of a rocky valley, prepared for war. The two Alpha leaders stepped up to argue but was later interrupted by the vegetarian Omegas Reba and Janice, but after that, they continued.  

When Kate does return, and refuses to go through with marrying Garth, due to being in love with an Omega, Winston is shocked. When Tony instigates a fight for the valley, the noise causes a herd of caribou to stampede, causing all the wolves to scatter. When a bad disk in Tony's back prevents him from running, Winston does not hesitate to help him. He strikes him in the rear re-aligning his back. When it seems like Kate has died, Winston howls mournfully. When it is proved otherwise, and Kate and Humphrey declare their love for each other, Winston accepts their union. Winston and Tony (with a little 'persuasion' from Eve) decide to unite the packs through the marriage of Lilly and Garth. In the final scene, Winston is seen with Eve at the moonlight howl.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure[]

As hinted at the end of Alpha and Omega, Winston and Eve appear to have stepped down as leaders of the Western Pack, leaving the roles to Kate and Humphrey. Winston is seen walking aside Tony visting Kate and Humphrey in there old cave for a family dinner. They discuss on how to deal with rogue wolves that have crossed into there territory. Winston and Tony pose as a large grizzly bear with Tony sitting on Winston's back. Tony tells Winston to never speak of the event they just endured, to which Winston replies "Let's not even talk about it now."

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave[]

At the first chapter of the film, Winston and Tony are in Alpha School teaching a class of alpha pups on to control their fears. When Runt appears which Winston says he's supposed to be in Omega School. Winston states that while the Alphas will be "kings of the fields", the Omegas will be "kings of the forests". Meanwhile, back at the den while Lilly, Humphrey, and Runt return. Winston is seen sleeping along Tony, but Eve wakes them both up startled with a false alarm thinking there's a wolf attack with both them shouting "war".

He tells Tony to not be afraid to tell his story to the pups.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation[]

Though he doesn't make an appearance, Winston informs Paddy and Marcel Kate and Humphrey and their pups would be heading to the falls.

Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze[]

Coming soon...

Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom[]

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  • At the end of the first movie, it is implied - but unconfirmed - that Winston (as well as Tony) retired from leadership of their united pack. Their retirement is confirmed as of Alpha and Omega 2. This can, however, be questioned, as Stinky refers to him as "Great Leader" in the fourth film.
  • It is currently unknown who he was voiced by in the video games.


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